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August 2012 │ Vietnam

On June 17, 52 Deutsche Bank Vietnam employees and their families gathered in front of the Ho Chi Minh office to travel to the Huong Duong Orphanage (HDC), 60 kilmometres outside the city.

Through word of mouth, more and more of our colleagues understand the value of corporate social responsibility and the good work the Bank has been doing with Mr. Nguyen The Vinh, the charismatic director of HDC, and more volunteers came out on this sleepy Sunday morning for the visit.

At HDC, the volunteers were welcomed at the gate by a line of smiling children, who had prepared an open air meeting place with chairs, desks and food. After some opening words by Mr. Vinh and Deutsche Bank Vietnam’s Chief Country Officer, Tri Pham, the volunteers and the children shared a little bit about themselves. It was heartening to hear that Mr. Vinh has so positively influenced the children, who are all very dedicated to their studies and full of hope for their future.

Together with the children, the volunteers worked on a small empty field in the back of the orphanage, building little hand-made wooden bridges, and weeding, ploughing the land before planting some seedlings to brighten up the space.

After lunch with the children, the group – both volunteers and children – participated in a singing contest. It was tough to decide on the winner, but the volunteers all agreed that the children did it better! In the late afternoon, the volunteers bade a warm goodbye to the children and thanked them for the wonderful experience, promising to return soon.

HDC ( is a local organisation that focuses on improving and expanding educational services for underprivileged children and youths. The centre raises and trains handicapped orphans or impoverished children to enable them to have a chance to attend universities. As a new centre, HDC is not well-known and has yet to build up a professional organisational structure. Therefore, it not only needs financial support, but also guidance in many aspects, such as finance management.

With its focus on education and enhancing the well being of underprivileged children in the region, Deutsche Bank Vietnam finances HDC to maintain its annual operations, including facilities fees, school fees, school and supplies.. The Bank also advises HDC on organisation and management and interacts directly with the students to boost their morale.

Since 2009, Deutsche Bank has built up the school from scratch, starting operations with a first group of 30 students. Today the number of students stands at 50. The Bank also offers tertiary scholarships to students who pass the national university entrance examination. In 2011, the passing rate of the first group of HDC graduates reached a remarkable figure of 100%.

In 2012, Deutsche Bank is planning to involve more corporate volunteers to provide training courses to HDC students.

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