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Deutsche Bank’s Direct Securities Services team volunteers in Vietnam

February 2012 │ Vietnam

As part of Deutsche Bank’s community development programme aimed at supporting the children of our society, the Direct Securities Services (DSS) team in Vietnam organized a corporate volunteering activity at one of the centres of the Vinh Son School of Affection.

Vinh Son School of Affection is a charity organisation run by a catholic church to provide education for children, aged from 7 to 15 from poor or broken families whose parents cannot afford education for them at public or private schools in Ho Chi Minh City. The organisation consists of 10 centres in various districts of Ho Chi Minh City. More than 1,000 children enjoy half a day of learning and a meal at these 10 centres at no charge.

The Vinh Son School of Affection in Binh Thanh District was first established in 1991. It was originally built on a plot of land which was initially used for raising poultry. Over the years, with the help of many donars, the land is now a friendly environment with clean and well-organised classrooms, a playground and amenity areas, such as a kitchen, backyard and roofed parking lot.

On February 14, more than 40 corporate volunteers, including senior management, visited the centre and engaged with the children in various educational and cultural activities, such as doing arts and crafts with the children and teaching them English.

The Vinh Son School of Affection of the Binh Thanh District is planning to convert their small backyard, which was previously used to grow gourds, into an orchid garden to brighten up the school. However, the ground must be raised to protect the plants against flooding from a nearby pond. The DSS team got their hands dirty with the children and assisted in filling up the backyard with soil. 

The DSS team hopes that through this event, though small in measure, would help demonstrate the Bank’s commitment to volunteering and to the society.


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