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Visiting Noah’s Ark Park with children from Heep Hong Society

December 2012 │ Hong Kong

On December 15, Deutsche Bank Hong Kong partnered with Heep Hong Society to share love and hope with children aged two to six, who have specific learning difficulties and other special needs. A group of 14 Deutsche Bank staff, along with the children, their family members and Heep Hong Society staff, set out on an eventful and educational day trip to Noah’s Ark Park, a new attraction in Hong Kong aiming to foster family values and care for the environment through interactive play and entertainment.

The children arrived at the Noah's Ark excited and eager to explore. Each was assigned to  a volunteer from Deutsche Bank. The group started off with the Ark Garden, where the children were fascinated by the exotic tropical wildlife on display, including chameleons, parrots, and turtles. They were then treated to a film viewing at the 4D theatre at the Ark Expo where the children were astonished by the all-round 4D sensory experience. A sumptuous lunch followed. The highlight of the day came when Santa Claus appeared for a lucky draw during lunch; no one was left out and everyone was happy to receive a present! As a day came to a close, everyone was reluctant to say good bye as both the children and the Deutsche Bank volunteers had developed a close bond and had truly enjoyed the day.

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