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Analyst Internship –
CB & S: Markets

Many people assume New York is the only place in the US to begin a career in investment banking. Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Banking & Securities: Markets team in Jacksonville, FL is proving that’s far from true.

Corporate Banking & Securities: Markets is a high-intensity environment. The pace is legendary. Market conditions can change in the blink of an eye, and you’ll need to respond just as quickly. Working in diverse markets and different time zones, your work experience will be global. That means challenging work for everyone, Interns included, and the rewards can be impressive.

Getting Started

You’ll be joining an extensive global team. We’re based across approximately 39 trading floors around the world. You’ll see how and why we’re trusted by some of the world’s principal institutions, corporations and governments. Your immediate responsibilities will help us meet the exact needs of our clients.

Under the guidance of colleagues and senior management, you’ll experience first-hand the constant challenges and demands of our business. This is more than a career you’re exploring. You’ll begin with up to a week of classroom-based training. From here, you’ll get right to work. Depending on your interests, your location and our needs, you’ll rotate through two unique product and coverage areas. These can span Coverage, Structuring, Trading or Research. Working on live deals and transactions with experienced professionals, you’ll gain genuine insight into our business. This will help you to make the most informed career decision.

Going Forward

Sourcing and presenting new opportunities to clients is challenging work. Alongside drive and commitment, you’ll need problem-solving skills, analytical aptitude and communication abilities. Technical and numerical skills, as well as confidence under pressure, will also prove crucial. Perform well, and this might be your first step to an industry-leading Analyst position.

We regularly review and improve our training and development to meet the needs of Deutsche Bank’s rapidly evolving business. Recent changes in the leadership and structure of this division mean the content of programs is subject to change. Please check this careers website for updates.

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Last Update: 1. April 2014
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