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Deutsche Bank Acronyms

Curiosity. The world would seem a dull place without it. That's why at Deutsche Bank we encourage you to ask questions, look for answers and go beyond the obvious.

Have you come across a Deutsche Bank acronym and you're unsure what it means? The information provided here will help.


AfK Group Strategy & Planning (Abteilung für Konzernentwicklung)
AFK Anwenderforum Kredit
AFL Asset Finance & Leasing
AG Aktiengesellschaft (stock corporation)
AGM Annual General Meeting
AIT Alternative Investment Trading
ALCM Asset & Liability Management
AM Asset Management
AMEX American Stock Exchange
AMGTO Asset Management - Group Technology & Operations
AML Anti-Money Laundering
ASA American Standards Association


BaFin Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht
BIT Banking and Information Technology
BPO Business Process Operations
BRIC Brazil, Russia, India & China


CB&S Corporate Banking & Securities
CBC Corporate Banking Coverage
CC Corporate Communications
CCO Chief Country Officer
CDFG Community Development Finance Group
CEE Central and Eastern Europe
CEO Chief Executive Officer
CF Corporate Finance
CFO Chief Finance Officer
CIB Corporate & Investment Bank
CIB: CF Corporate & Investment Bank: Corporate Finance
CIB: CRE Corporate & Investment Bank: Commercial Real Estate
CIB: M Corporate & Investment Bank: Markets
CIB: TB Corporate & Investment Bank: Transaction Banking
CIO Chief Information Officer
CM Cash Management
CM&TS Capital Market & Treasury Sales
CMC Cash Management Corporates
CMS Capital Market Sales
CMS Cash Management Sales
CNet Corporate Internet
COO Chief Operating Office
CRE Commercial Real Estate
CRES Corporate Real Estate & Services
CRM Credit Risk Management
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
CSBC Corporate Security & Business Continuity


DBAM Deutsche Asset Management GmbH
DBAP Deutsche Bank Asia Pacific
DBC Deutsche Bank Championship
DBCM Deutsche Bank Capital Market
DBFX Not an acronym - name of trading platform
DBGT Deutsche Bank Global Technology
DBIM Deutsche Bank Investment Management S.A.
DBNA Deutsche Bank North America
DBOI Deutsche Bank Operations International
DBR Deutsche Bank Research
DBU Deutsche Bank University
DBUK Deutsche Bank United Kingdom
DCM Debt Capital Markets
DeAM Deutsche Asset Management
DFS Deutsche Financial Services
DKI Deutsche Knowledge Institute
DNets Deutsche Network Services
DPG Distressed Product Group
DWS investments Deutsche Gesellschaft für Wertpapiersparen


ECM Equity Capital Markets
EEC European Economic Community
ELC Employee Life Cycle
EM Emerging Markets
EMEA Europe Middle East & South Africa
ETFs Exchange Traded Funds
EU European Union


FEG Financial Engineering Group
FIG Financial Institutions Group
FSA Financial Services Authority
FTE Full - Time Employee
FTSE 100 Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index, London
FX Foreign Exchange


GB Global Banking (see also to Corporate Finance)
GBC Group Brand Communications
GBS Global Business Services
GCM Global Cash Management
GCT Global Credit Trading
GEC Group Executive Committee
GFC Group Finance Committee
GFFX Global Finance & Foreign Exchange
GIC Global Industry Coverage
GIS Global Investment Solutions
GLG Global Lending Group
GLS Global Logistics Services
GM IP Global Markets Investment Products
GMC Global Markets Centre
GME Global Markets Equity
GMS Global Markets Structuring
GR Global Rates
GRMC Global Regional Management Conference
GRA Government & Regulatory Affairs
GSCs Global Service Centres
GT Global Technology
GTF Global Trade Finance
GTO Group Technology & Operations
GTP Graduate Training Program


HFCG Hedge Fund Capital Group
HR Human Resources


IADB Inter-American Development Bank
IB Investment Banking
IBD Investment Banking Division
IC Inhouse Consulting
ICG Institutional Client Group
IFC Investment & Finance Centre
IFRS International Financial Reporting Standards
IIF Institute of International Finance
IMF International Monetary Fund
IR Investor Relations


KPI Key Performance Indicators


LAAB Latin American Advisory Board
LCH London Clearing House
LCS Lending & Credit Solutions
LDCM Leverage Debt Capital Markets
LEC Legal Entity Committee
LEMG Loan Exposure Management Group
LevFin Leveraged Finance
LRC Legal, Risk & Capital
LSE London Stock Exchange


M&A Mergers & Acquisitions
MBS Mortgage-Backed Securities
MENA Middle East and North Africa
MFIs microfinance institutions
MRM Market Risk Management


NRG Natural Resources Group
NSE National Stock Exchange
NYSE New York Stock Exchange


OECD Organisations for Economic Cooperation and Development
ORM Operational Risk Management


PAM Private Asset Management
PB Private Banking
PBC Private & Business Clients
PCA Project Capital Advisory
PCAM Private Clients & Asset Management
PCB Personal & Corporate Banking
PWM Private Wealth Management


RAI Risk Analytics & Instruments
RCM Risk & Capital Management
REGALL Real Estate, Gaming, Lodging & Leisure
RM Risk Management
RMBS Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities
ROE Return on Equity
ROI Return on Investment
RPB Retail and Private Banking
RREEF Deutsche Bank's Real Estate, Infrastructure and Private Equity Asset Management Business


TF Trade Finance
TMG Transaction Management Group (see also Global Business Services)
TSS Trust & Securities Services


VCG Vendor Coverage Group


WBT Web Based Training
WBT World Trade Organization
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