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I graduated two years ago. Can I still apply for the Graduate Training Programs?

No, you must have graduated from your most recent degree course within the past 12 months. Typically, Associate candidates are graduating with MBA degree.

When will Deutsche Bank be visiting my university?

Please visit the Graduate timelines section of this site to find out when we may be visiting your university campus.

Graduate timelines 

If Deutsche Bank doesn’t visit my campus will my application still be considered?

Although we maintain relationships with certain universities where we actively market ourselves, all applications are considered and reviewed via our online application tool. You can apply directly here. [more]

What are the basic skills and qualifications you look for?

Please refer to the Your opportunities pages for full details of the skills and qualifications you’ll need.

Your opportunities

Does Deutsche Bank only hire candidates with finance degrees?

No. We recruit intelligent, dynamic and focused graduates who we think will excel. A financial or mathematical background is not necessarily a pre-requisite for a successful application, although you must be numerically competent for certain roles. Our comprehensive training programs cover much of the technical knowledge required, and prepare successful Associates for a career with us.

When do the internships run to and from?

The dates and lengths of our internships differ across regions and programs. Internships that are part of the Global Graduate Internship Program last from eight to ten weeks. For more information, please visit our Your opportunities page.

Your opportunities

What offices do you actively recruit for?

Please click on the ‘Change your preferences’ link next to the search window, to see a list of the countries we recruit MBAs for.

Where will I be based?

You should indicate which country you wish to work in during the application process. The city of employment within that country is discussed and often decided upon during the interview period.

Can I apply to join a program in a country where I don’t currently reside?

In some cases we do accept applications from students studying in other countries. In general, these opportunities are advertised directly through universities or via events.

Will Deutsche Bank help me obtain a work visa?

Deutsche Bank will sponsor eligible candidates for work visas in most regions, yes. As eligibility rules vary from country to country, you are responsible for ensuring that you understand the eligibility criteria for the country in which you will work and complete any required application in a timely fashion. Receipt of any work visa is subject to approval by the appropriate authorities. Should you prove successful in your interviews with Deutsche Bank and receive an offer, we ask that you commence discussions regarding any visa issues with the recruiter immediately so that the correct steps can be taken. Any offer will be contingent upon you obtaining proper work authorization.

How do I decide whether a career in investment banking is right for me?

Research the industry. Take a look at the ‘How should I prepare for the interview’ question for tips on the best ways to do this.

How do I decide which area of investment banking to join?

Investment banking isn't one specific service or function. It's an umbrella term for a range of financial activities. At Deutsche Bank these activities are grouped into divisions, each of which offers different opportunities for graduates depending on your qualifications, skills, areas of expertise and career aspirations. Research these areas thoroughly before deciding which division you want to apply to. 

Whenever you can, take the opportunity to meet our employees. If Deutsche Bank visits your campus, you can do this by attending presentations and events where you can talk with Deutsche Bank representatives to learn more about the Bank and the career opportunities on offer. To find out when we will be visiting your university or city, take a look at our Events section.

Your careers services office may be able to put you in contact with students who’ve worked with us. Your alumni network may also provide useful information. Career guides and the profiles in the Our people section of this site are also a good resource. Once you’ve gathered as much information as possible from different sources, both about the industry and Deutsche Bank, and you’re clear on which area would best suit you, you're ready to apply online.

Our people

Is it possible for me to join a division now and then change at a later date?

You should make a very informed decision on what division you want to join before applying. Although at the Bank, we do support the internal mobility of our people, the career choice you make now should be for the long term.

Does Deutsche Bank hire PhD candidates or non-MBA master’s candidates?

While most of our opportunities require an undergraduate degree or an MBA, there are roles which require a specific skill set or background accumulated via a PhD or master’s degree. Master’s graduates join the Analyst Training Program. PhDs will either enter at Analyst or Associate level, depending on the relevance of their studies to banking and previous work experience.

Does Deutsche Bank offer opportunities for graduates outside of the global graduate program?

Yes. Deutsche Bank also offers entry level opportunities for graduates in select locations. Please click on the ‘Change your preferences’ link next to the search window, and change your settings to select ‘Professionals’ to search or apply for one of these positions.
The Recruitment Process

What is the recruitment process?

Deutsche Bank recruits on campus for graduate opportunities in Germany as well as the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. However, we also accept applications from universities where we don’t recruit on campus. To be considered for a role with us, all applicants must submit an online application.

Typically the recruitment process consists of two rounds of interviews before final decisions are made, and in some regions candidates also take part in assessment tests. Applicants will be informed of their particular interview process before the interview.

Our interviews are structured to reflect the required core competencies for our Graduate Training Programs. These competencies are highlighted by asking candidates about their university experiences and extra-curricular activities.

When should I apply?

Application dates vary by country and program. Please see our Recruitment timelines for details on the country you wish to apply to.

Recruitment timelines

What should I expect at the interview?

Be prepared to tell us why you’re right for Deutsche Bank and why Deutsche Bank is right for you. If you’re serious about a career in investment banking, we know that you’ll be talking to a lot of firms. But you should understand how Deutsche Bank differs from other financial institutions, and why the division you’re applying to is more suitable for you than another role in the industry.

We’ll also expect you to have done your homework about Deutsche Bank and the investment banking industry. Your willingness to do this now is a good indicator to us of the type of employee you’ll be in the future.

We’ll expect you to demonstrate an understanding of the role you’re applying to and the work you’ll be doing. If you’re applying for a role in a non-finance oriented division, tell us why you want to work in the financial services industry as opposed to other industries.

How should I prepare for the interview?

You've secured the interview, reviewed the website and talked to people who already work at Deutsche Bank. So how do you ensure a successful interview? The same way you'd go about doing the job once you're there: with careful preparation, research and attention to detail.

The first step in any successful job search is research. Not only do you need to know about the position and division you'll be interviewing for, you also need to know about who we are as a company, our characteristics, some of our history and what differentiates Deutsche Bank from the other institutions in our industry. Why? Because you need to convince your interviewer that you’re the right person for Deutsche Bank and for that particular role. It’s as important for you to feel comfortable with Deutsche Bank as it is for us to feel comfortable with you.

If you haven't done so already, read and understand our annual report. You won't be expected to know all the details, but you should have a general understanding of how we performed last year. Also review what the press has to say about us and keep up to date with our organization by signing up for Deutsche Bank’s RSS feeds. [more]

What is the most effective way for me to follow up after the interview?

Before you leave, ask your interviewer what the next step is and when you can expect a response. It's a good idea to get contact details and ask if you can call or email. If you haven't heard within the stated timeframe, make a follow-up call or send us an email.

Your Application

What is the status of my application?

You can monitor the progress of your application by logging in as a 'Returning Candidate' through the online application tool. [more]
When you log in, you have the option to track your application, to view your completed application and to edit personal details. All you need is your username (email address) and password.

Please note that depending on the country you’re applying to, we may be reviewing several thousand resumes. In general, we don’t reject candidates until all of the positions are filled and the program is full – this ensures that everyone has the same opportunity.

How do I withdraw my application?

If you haven’t submitted your application form, you can change your application employment type or delete your whole application by clicking the delete application button  on the right hand menu. Please note that you’ll need to re-register if you decide to do this. If you’ve already submitted your form, you’ll be unable to make any changes.

Can I apply to more than one business area?

Before you apply, please decide which division you believe will be right for you by researching Deutsche Bank and our industry. To help you with this, we recommend you study the information on this site. You should also read the division overviews under Our divisions, study the program descriptions found in Your opportunities, download the videos and brochures in the Media center, and browse the profiles and day in the life descriptions under Our people.

Our divisions
Your Opportunities
Media center
Our people

Can I send/give a hard copy of my resume directly to a Human Resources representative instead of applying online?

No. All resumes must be submitted through our online application system. [more]

How can I update my resume once I’ve submitted my application?

Unfortunately, you can’t make any changes to your application once you’ve submitted it.

How can I update my resume if I haven’t submitted my application?

It’s possible for you to upload another resume to replace your old one simply by attaching a new one in its place. However, once you’ve submitted your application you can’t update it. This ensures a transparent and consistent process across all regions and programs. If you find that your un-submitted application does not allow edits, or you experience technical problems, please email to contact the technical support team.

How can I find out what programs are open for applications in the country I want to apply to?

Programs which are open for applications for applying [more]

The country, program or division was not listed when I went to apply.

This means that either applications for that program or division or country are not yet open, or that we are not accepting applications. In many cases, positions on our Associate Training Program are filled by our intern class, which means that opportunities for final year students to join these programs may be limited.

Can I contact one of your recruiters directly?

If you want to contact a recruiter at Deutsche Bank, you’ll need to fill out a recruitment query form

Recruitment query form

I’ve encountered a technical issue

If you’re experiencing technical difficulties, you’ll probably see an on-screen error message. For guidance on technical issues, please email to contact the technical support team.

I need help to complete my online test

If you need more time to complete the test, or feel that it isn’t suitable for you, please click here to send an email to the recruiter.

Link to recruitment query form

I’ve experienced a technical problem with my online test

If you find that you’re unable to access either of the online tests, look at the My Messages  section of our online application system to check that you’re completing them within the allotted time. In the case of the numerical test, please also ensure that you’ve successfully completed the practice test.

My account is locked

If you try to log in as a “Returning Candidate” to our online application system and get the message that your account is locked out then please allow for 15 minutes of inactivity before trying to log in again.

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