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09. Mai 2016 | Berlin

Deutsche Bank 2016 Summer Challenge feat. Risk Center Quant Institute Berlin

The Deutsche Bank 2016 Summer Challenge is your opportunity to put your knowledge and skills to the test by solving a demanding, real-life problem in quantitative risk management. The problem will be of a quantitative nature, involve some probability and also some programming / spreadsheet computation. The choice of programming language / spreadsheet application or computer algebra system is free. Results will be expected in .csv format.

Are you eager to take on a real challenge?

If you are a third-semester student or higher, choose up to two partners and a name for your team, and you are ready to go! The challenge kicks off on 20 June 2016. On that day we will be publishing a suggested reading list for all participants (to familiarise themselves with the broader topic). On 25 June all participants will receive problem assignments with the request to send in their solutions by 5 July.

Applicants should state their university as well as their major fields of study and include a copy of their valid student ID. Apply by email to

Closing date for applications is 5 June 2016. Please remember to include a valid email address of each of the participants.

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