Welcome to the Berlin Risk Center

Home to a dynamic and diverse workforce, the Berlin Risk Center continuously reviews and strives to improve the methods used to estimate, reduce and mitigate risk for the wider Bank. In operation since November 2010, Risk Center staff have helped create and implement new tools that increase the efficacy of Deutsche’s risk management – from significantly reducing stress-testing turnaround times, to streamlining risk estimation processes – while also managing the less complex tasks that keep the wheels of Risk spinning.

About the Risk Center

The Berlin Risk Center was established in 2010. The Risk Center has helped the wider Bank to design more cost effective, safer risk management and investment products that meet increasingly demanding regulatory requirements.

It has allowed certain Deutsche Bank divisions to consolidate a range of regional procedures under one roof, creating more consistencies and efficiencies in some of its core processes. With the Risk Center, Deutsche Bank is developing and training a dynamic workforce on a range of tasks - from administrative and reporting to the review and refinement of increasingly complex processes - creating subject matter experts in a variety of risk-related activities. With a reputation as a vibrant and bustling cultural centre, and its proximity to Deutsche Bank’s main European hubs, Berlin was a natural choice for the Risk Center. Its cosmopolitan staff draws from a diverse range of cultural and professional backgrounds, speaking upwards of 55 languages, and hailing from 65 countries around the globe.

The Risk Center is also home to other divisions: Deutsche Bank’s Legal, Compliance, Asset & Wealth Management and Corporate Security & Business Continuity departments are represented here, enabling an environment of cross-divisional trust and sharing. Best practice example for increasingly integrated risk management is the Quant Institute - one of the most unique development groups in the industry - which develops innovative models for quantifying risk across the Bank’s divisions.

Welcome to the Berlin Risk Center!

Employee statements

“We’re here to help protect the wider Bank from risk by developing new risk models. We definitely get to spread our creative wings here” Tristan

“One thing I’ve noticed from my very first day is how excited people are to work here. It’s a really positive environment that feels like we’re all part of one big team.” Sven

“One of the things I like most about working at the Risk Center is how culturally diverse it is. You can hear almost any language under the sun just from walking through the halls. It’s not like any place I’ve ever worked before.” Laura

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