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About Us

Business Overview

As a leading global bank with roots in Germany, we’re driving change and innovation in the industry – championing integrity, sustainable performance and innovation with our clients, and redefining our culture and relationships with each other. With operations in over 70 countries, we encourage our people to think for themselves and reward integrity. Our large but focused footprint gives us a strong position in Europe plus a significant presence in the Americas and Asia Pacific. We offer clients commercial and investment banking, retail banking and transaction banking as well as ground-breaking asset and wealth management products and services. So if you’re talented, collaborative and curious about building an exciting career in finance, you’re exactly the type of person who might succeed in our organisation.

Vision and Brand.

We aspire to be the leading global client-centric universal bank.


Cultural change and corporate values.

In 2013, we laid the foundation for long-term change with the release of our new values and beliefs.

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Communications, CSR & Public Affairs

Our challenging and varied tasks include enhancing Deutsche Bank's public image, protecting its reputation as well as supporting and driving cultural change within our organisation. In the current challenging environment, we contribute to regaining trust through open and transparent communication with our clients, shareholders, staff and the public.

Our work involves providing information through press and media relations, internal communications and the use of today's increasingly important social media. The unit Group Brand Communications is responsible for the development of an integrated brand positioning strategy and executing it at the global and country level. Group Brand Market Research analyses global, regional and divisional market intelligence and helps create go-to-market strategies for new products. In addition, we work towards making Deutsche Bank's operations more sustainable in every respect – economically, ecologically and socially – and are responsible for coordinating and developing the Bank's worldwide Corporate Responsibility programme. Promoting contemporary artists and facilitating access to their work is a key objective of the Deutsche Bank Art division and has been a focus of Deutsche Bank’s cultural activities for more than 30 years. Our Conferences & Events team arranges several hundred events each year and ensures the Bank is ideally positioned at the global and regional level. By engaging in a continuous dialogue with political stakeholders and audiences, our Public Affairs division helps build public trust, strengthen the Bank’s reputation and advance our cultural change as a key element of the Bank’s strategy.

Corporate Finance

As one of the world's leading investment banks, Deutsche Bank's Corporate Finance business provides the full range of integrated investment banking products and services for large-cap and mid-cap corporates, financial institutions, governments, government agencies, hedge funds and financial sponsors.

We recognise that selecting the right investment banking partner is critical - especially in these challenging times. Clients need banking partners who are able to offer stability, insights and global reach. Our relationships are enhanced by industry sector, country and regional expertise, closely aligned to high quality client solutions.

Our client offering includes comprehensive financial advisory - including both buyside and sellside Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and restructuring advisory - and capital raising services, underpinned by one of the world's largest and most successful debt and equity capital markets platforms, strong risk management and a global distribution network.

Deutsche Bank provides strategic advice over the full range of advisory services from a global platform with a strong presence in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific enabling us to complete innovative cross-border and regional transactions.

With special emphasis on the ability to initiate, finance and successfully complete complex transactions across product classes, our advisory teams provide innovative solutions for our clients based on advice by industry and product specialists.

Corporate Governance

Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Governance function is among others mandated to define, implement and monitor a global corporate governance framework for Deutsche Bank and to act as its guardian. The Bank is committed to maintaining a best-in-class corporate governance framework aligned with international standards and legal requirements. Strong corporate governance protects stakeholders’ interests – the Corporate Governance function therefore addresses governance topics throughout Deutsche Bank and puts a strong focus on enhancing a clear organizational structure along core corporate governance drivers.

Corporate Services

Deutsche Bank is a huge organisation and running it smoothly - and sustainably - is a vital responsibility. We oversee a global property portfolio of more than 3,000 buildings. As well as defining the standards for our retail branches, protecting the Bank’s buildings and people, and providing working environments that help boost productivity, we’re also working to uphold the Bank’s commitment to carbon neutrality and sustainable operations.

With a career in Corporate Services at Deutsche Bank, you can drive change and get involved in innovative, exciting initiatives. Some examples? We have improved our performance on everything from water conservation to recycling. We’ve also developed new global workplace standards, enabling our people to use space and resources more efficiently, rather than rely on the traditional workstation.

Whether we’re fitting out an entire building, managing catering, providing security or ensuring the highest health and safety standards, everything we do is focused on reducing cost and complexity.

Corporate Security & Business Continuity

Corporate Security & Business Continuity (CSBC) protects Deutsche Bank’s people, infrastructure, processes and information. The Bank’s competitive advantage is found in its intellectual capital. We care about our colleagues and our franchise, and have a duty to protect both. Our revenue-generating activity streams are reliant upon critical infrastructure: telecommunications, electrical power, transport, technology applications, premises and infrastructure. CSBC helps ensure these do not fail or, if they do, that recovery solutions allow the business to continue unimpaired.

The Bank’s ability to deliver innovative solutions to clients is dependent on complex processes. CSBC understands the business, and ensures the integrity of its processes against operational threats in whatever form they may occur. Protecting client and staff information is about trust. We must be leaders in securing information in order to sustain our revenue streams, and preserve our reputation.

Deutsche Asset Management

With EUR 706 billion of assets under management (as of December 31, 2016), Deutsche Asset Management is one of the world’s leading investment management organizations. Deutsche Asset Management offers individuals and institutions traditional and alternative investments across all major asset classes.

Our products and solutions provide flexible access to a wide range of investment opportunities across all asset classes. Products range from pooled funds to highly customized portfolios for a wide range of investors. They include active and passive funds, institutional mandates, and structured products.* Our advisers and investment specialists are dedicated to creating asset management solutions for every client need and every risk, return, and liquidity preference.

*not all products offered in all jurisdictions.

DB Research

Deutsche Bank Research is responsible for macroeconomic analysis within Deutsche Bank Group. They analyse relevant trends for the bank in financial markets, business and society. DB Research delivers high-quality, independent analysis and actively promotes public debate on economic, fiscal, labour market and social policy issues.


Sound financial principles are at the core of everything we offer. That’s why Finance is vital to the way we run our business. In a global marketplace that’s constantly evolving, being adaptable, decisive and precise is critical - and this is exactly the culture of our Finance group.

There are Finance teams dedicated to each of the Bank’s core banking divisions, as well as Group Tax, Group Finance, Treasury and Investor Relations. Together, we oversee all financial details of Deutsche Bank, globally.

Join us and you’ll be able to add real value as a business partner. Of course, we provide accurate and timely financial information. We also provide high-quality advice and analysis to our businesses and infrastructure functions, measuring and analyzing performance and identifying areas to drive innovative change. This is a strategic group, where we look to control costs, limit risk and strengthen our decision-making process.

Global Markets

Global Markets combines the sales, trading and structuring of a wide range of financial markets products.

This incorporates Debt Trading, including FX, Rates, Credit, Structured Finance and Emerging Markets; Equities and equity-linked products; Exchange-traded and over-the-counter derivatives and Money Market and securitised instruments.

Coverage of institutional clients is provided by the Institutional Client Group, while Research provides analysis of markets, products and trading strategies for clients.

Global Transaction Banking

In today’s fast-moving, ever-changing business landscape, companies need more than just outstanding business models to perform - they need strong insight to achieve their business objectives.

Global Transaction Banking (GTB) division is not just a market leader in cash management, trade finance and securities services, we are also at the forefront in the provision of strategic thinking and the creation of global solutions.

Our universal expertise and worldwide presence in over 190 countries allows us to offer truly integrated and effective solutions. From domestic and cross-border payments, international trade finance, acting as trustees, agents and custodians for our clients, we aim to help you optimise every opportunity, minimise risk and achieve your commercial objectives.

Group Audit

The Group Audit (GA) function comprises over 700 staff located in our four hub locations New York, London, Frankfurt, Singapore and 26 other countries across the globe.

The function is a professional, business focused, proactive risk-based global audit team that operates with transparency, integrity and independence, and assists the Bank’s business and infrastructure areas to identify key control weaknesses.

The GA team prides itself in ensuring the highest standard in professional delivery. The function provides a systematic, disciplined approach to examine, evaluate and report objectively on the adequacy of both the design and operating effectiveness of the systems of internal control and the effectiveness of risk management and governance processes.

Being Deutsche Bank’s ‘third line of defence’ we have a high profile in the Bank acting as an independent and forward looking challenger and adviser to Senior Management and are increasingly relied upon by the Regulators.

Our global connectivity provides a stimulating environment and the opportunity to collaborate, network and share knowledge with intelligent colleagues and specialists around the world. Our colleagues are known for their agile minds, looking beyond the obvious, and challenging the status-quo in an open-minded, collaborative way. We consistently invest in our people, offering genuine opportunities for development and advancement.

Group Management Consulting

By focusing on detailing and executing the strategy of the Bank, the Group Management Consulting (Inhouse Consulting) team plays a key role in turning the vision of Deutsche Bank Group into reality.

The team reports directly to the Chief Financial Officer and supports the bank's senior management in detailing and executing the strategy of Deutsche Bank. At locations in Frankfurt, London, Singapore and New York, our project teams take responsibility for leading and executing high impact strategic initiatives, in partnership with all stakeholders in an international environment.

The project portfolio covers areas that apply to the entire Group as well as issues specific to the business divisions and infrastructure functions. From leading and executing high impact strategic initiatives to reorganisation/restructuring measures and end-to-end process optimisation, we ensure project success from conception to final implementation.

Thanks to our variety of projects across a global organisation and our rapid growth, we are an ideal platform to launch or advance a career within Deutsche Bank.

Learn more about Group Management Consulting.

Human Resources

Working in markets around the world, our people make us strong. They are Deutsche Bank. Without Human Resources, we could never source, develop and retain the best talent, or formulate the strategies that motivate their performance.

Working in markets around the world, our people make us strong. They are Deutsche Bank. Without Human Resources, we could never source, develop and retain the best talent, or formulate the strategies that motivate their performance.

Human Resources has a key role in the transition to a culture that aligns risks and rewards, attracts and develops talented individuals, fosters teamwork and partnership, and is senstive to the society in which we operate. Diversity and inclusion are key. Collaboration is pivotal.

Our people in Human Resources touch every part of our business. They shape the way we work. They find and recruit the brightest talent. They develop their skills through structured, on-going training. They give every single member of our staff the chance to achieve their career goals and make work exceptionally rewarding.


Legal is the principal manager of legal risk of Deutsche Bank Group. The mission of the Legal department is to ensure that legal services are provided to Deutsche Bank with the goals of protecting the integrity and reputation of the Bank, managing legal risk to make transactions viable and safe, and partnering with Risk, Regulation, Compliance, Group Audit and others to provide a proactive integrated risk management approach.

Deutsche Bank is a leading global bank. It supplies many different products and services to a large variety of customers and counterparties around the world. That brings enormous complexity. And it demands that we work closely with managers to coordinate activities across business lines so we avoid violations of laws. It is our job to make sure the Bank has the most up to date information on regulatory and legal changes and continues to be seen as a trusted, respected market participant.


Our Operations group provides support for all of Deutsche Bank’s businesses to enable them to deliver operational transactions and processes to clients. Our people work in established global financial centres such as London, New York, Frankfurt and Singapore, as well as specialist development and operations centres in locations including Bucharest, Moscow, Pune, Dublin and Cary. We move over EUR 1.6 trillion across the Bank’s platforms, support thousands of trading desks and enable millions of banking transactions, share trades and emails every day.

Our goal is to deliver world-class client service at exceptional value to internal partners and clients. A dynamic and diverse division, our objective is to make sure that all our services are executed in a timely and professional manner, that risk is minimised and that the client experience is positive. We are proud of the professionalism of our people, and the service they deliver. In return, we offer career development opportunities to foster skills and talent.

We work across a wide range of product groups, including derivatives, securities, global finance and foreign exchange, cash and trade loans and trust and securities services as well as cross-product functions.

Private & Commercial Clients

Deutsche Bank's Private & Commercial Clients (PCC) Business Division provides banking and other financial services to private, commercial and corporate clients in Germany, Europe and Asia. PCC's products and services include payment and current account services, investment management and retirement planning, as well as personal loans and mortgages. For small and medium-sized clients, PCC offers a full range of services, e.g. from start-up financing to structured finance. Together with the Group's business divisions, we leverage the possibilities of interest rate and foreign currency management, foreign trade and the capital markets.

As the leading private bank in Deutsche Bank's home market, PCC provides services to more than eight million clients in Germany, in addition to five million clients abroad. PCC has more than 1,600 branches in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Poland and India.

The branch network is complemented by a mobile network of independent advisors and by direct sales channels.

Private Wealth & Commercial Clients

Deutsche Bank's newly established Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients (PW&CC) corporate division combines the Bank's expertise in private and commercial banking and wealth management in one corporate division.

From 1 January 2016, PW&CC will unite Private & Business Clients (PBC) and Wealth Management (WM) under a single roof, while Wealth Management remains independent with its own brand.

Both in our home market, Germany, and internationally, PW&CC offers our clients high-quality advice and a wide range of financial services from a single source. These range from comprehensive services for retail clients, to solutions for demanding clients in Private Banking and Wealth Management, to business and commercial client coverage.

PW&CC will be a strong pillar of Deutsche Bank. As two independent partners cooperating closely within the new corporate division, PBC and WM will increase Deutsche Bank's clout: a modern advisory bank distinguished by its capital markets and financing expertise, its strong global network and cutting-edge digital services.

Regional Management

In every market and location where Deutsche Bank is active, Regional Management performs a global management function at the highest level, closely connected with senior management of Deutsche Bank´s Group divisions and functions.

We provide the crucial link between the Bank´s Corporate Divisions, Infrastructure Functions, clients, employees, regulators and other stakeholders. By aligning local activities with the strategic targets of the Bank, we have a significant impact on the Bank's future competitiveness. Present in 7 regions and over 60 countries you can expect a diverse working environment in Regional Management. Through our mandate "Protect, Connect, Develop" we help keeping Deutsche Bank in the strongest possible position to maximise opportunities for clients and stakeholders, while doing business in line with regulatory expectations. Our holistic view of the Bank allows us to identify and implement global, regional and local initiatives for growth and efficiency.

Start your career in Regional Management, representing regional and local interests at the Group level and promote the cross-country cooperation. This environment offers an ideal platform for your professional development. We look forward to your application.

Regulation, Compliance & Anti-Financial Crime

Regulation, Compliance and Anti-Financial Crime (AFC) protect the integrity and reputation of Deutsche Bank. They manage the Bank’s risks and help to avoid unintentional rule breaches and conflicts of interest. At the same time, they also advise us on ethical conduct and governance issues and keep our organisation up-to-date on regulatory and political challenges.


The Risk division has a fundamental responsibility to protect the Bank. With group-wide responsibility for the management and control of credit, market, operational and reputational risks, we have a unique vantage point which allows us a holistic view of our businesses and our clients. Nearly 4,000 employees work together to achieve our ambition to be an industry-leading risk management organisation.

In an increasingly complex environment, risk management is fast-becoming the most sought after place to build a career within the banking world. Risk at Deutsche Bank is relied upon to help shape the strategy of the organisation and the wider industry agenda.


Our technology teams are responsible for the Bank’s entire information technology (“IT”) infrastructure, and the development, implementation, and protection of the software required to support all of the Bank’s businesses. We move over EUR 1.6 trillion across the Bank's platforms, support thousands of trading desks, and enable millions of banking transactions, share trades and emails every day.

With award-winning mobile banking apps and trading systems, our technology platforms help Deutsche Bank deliver high quality products to clients. Naturally, we make sure that the phones work, emails are delivered and PCs run - but we also develop collaboration platforms and workspaces that help our people share their knowledge, expertise and passion for our business.

Developments in technology are changing the way we communicate, work and think. Join us here, and you’ll constantly be looking ahead. We’ll look to you to capitalize on new technological trends that can reshape our business and deliver value for our clients, whilst still meeting the demands of customers, regulators and the markets.

Wealth Management

With EUR 337 billion of asset under management (as of December 31, 2015), Deutsche Bank Wealth Management is one of the world’s leading global wealth managers.
Deutsche Bank Wealth Management offers high net worth clients a broad range of traditional and alternative investment solutions, providing a holistic service for all aspects of Wealth Management.

As a trusted partner of high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs, family offices and foundations, Deutsche Bank Wealth Management creates lasting value for clients. Leveraging its global network and expertise from across Deutsche Bank, it provides capital markets expertise and international solutions tailored to the individual needs of clients. These include wealth planning over generations and international borders, asset management with individual risk management, loans and deposits as well as the development of bespoke solutions for individuals or selected institutions in close collaboration with experts in Investment Banking and Asset Management.

Deutsche Bank Wealth Management is part of Deutsche Bank’s Private, Wealth & Commercial Clients division and combines financial strength and stability with trustworthy partnership and forward-thinking in order to create lasting value for clients.