Christian thinks tech at a Deutsche Bank Innovation Lab

Here in Berlin, at the Innovation Lab, there is time for research, development and testing. But scientists in white lab coats, with safety glasses and test tubes are not around – absolutely nowhere. Why not? Well, it’s a Deutsche Bank laboratory; one of four around the world.

And Christian is part of the team. The Innovation Specialist started working here back in 2015, when the Innovation Lab had just been founded. Needless to say, he is well connected to his colleagues in Berlin, Frankfurt, Silicon Valley, New York and London, to bankers in various business units of Deutsche Bank and to start-ups of the technological sector.

But what does an Innovation Specialist actually do? „We discover, connect and evolve“, Christian explains concisely and continues: “We connect exceptional start-ups of the technological sector to decision makers within Deutsche Bank. And, in the next step, we help them execute their digital solutions across the bank.”

The web-based eyetracking-solution developed by the German company Eyevido is just one impressive example. It has made Deutsche Bank’s services more intuitive, more efficient and more pleasant to use; in cooperation with experts of the Customer Labs in the Digital Factory near Frankfurt. How? With a special camera, that recognizes what the user looks at on a website and for how long.

Christian also works out what the bank’s business and supporting functions need. He helps to identify the perfect start-up partner – not only in Germany, but in Europe and around the world – so that the bank’s digital ideas quickly become reality. After all, the future of Deutsche Bank is a digital technology-based company. Technology is needed to grow and accelerate.

Innovation Specialists love technology. “We think tech and constantly question the status quo”, Christian points out. They should also be curious and enjoy to network. That, at least, is his personal formula for success when searching for new trends and ideas.

“But please don’t be too disappointed if a solution you’ve found for the bank doesn’t become reality. Innovation Specialists definitely need a good portion of frustration tolerance”, Christian concludes.

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