Customer advisor Juliane enjoys flexible working hours

Working the nine-to-five is steadily becoming less important to employees in our Customer Service Centres. Offering flexible hours for customers and employees is just one of the ways our business is evolving.

Juliane works in one of our very latest centres in Hamburg with a new service model. Here, as in seven other cities across Germany, our customer advisors work when our clients need us most: before and after their own working hours and even on Saturdays.

Juliane starts her day early but then gets the chance to enjoy quality time with her daughter and friends in the evening. For her, working here offers “a chance to make clients happy and at the same time see my own child grow up.” She works part-time 80 percent. Many of her colleagues, however, favour the evening shift.

No matter what your circadian rhythm, the team always comes together to get the work done. “Clients can all be sure work is passed on within the team“, Juliane emphasizes. Thus, clients are happy and the team’s work-life-balance is maintained.

It’s not only working hours that are changing. Even Germany’s rather formal address has disappeared in these new Customer Service Centres. “We call our managers by their first names”, Juliane says and remembers how odd this felt in the beginning.

Furthermore, the technology of Deutsche Bank’s newest centres is rapidly evolving. “Thanks to digitisation”, Juliane explains: “My clients decide how they want to engage with us – via chat, video or telephone.”

In the near future even so called co-browsing will be possible. Then, our customers and advisors will be able to share desktops, no matter if clients are at home, in the office or on holiday. ”This could be quite useful when special programme support is needed”, Juliane points out. She is curious and waiting for the new challenge.

She and her colleagues know what the current change of the banking sector feels like. It is part of their everyday life. Together with some 400 colleagues Juliane is shaping part of Deutsche Bank’s digitisation: in one of Germany’s eight newest and most modern Customer Service Centres.

Juliane’s professional career at a glance

  • 2005 – 2007 Apprenticeship, Deutsche Bank
  • 2007 – 2010 Customer advisor for private clients, Deutsche Bank
  • 2010 – 04/2017 Senior customer advisor for private clients, Deutsche Bank
  • since 04/2017: Customer advisor for business clients, Deutsche Bank Regional Customer Service Center Hamburg
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