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Customer advisor Marleen explains how working in a bank branch is changing

When did you last go to your local bank branch for a yoga workshop? Perhaps it might not be such a strange idea in future.

Right now we mostly go into the bank to withdraw money, seek some advice or maybe to arrange a loan? Not so at our branch of the future – Quartier Zukunft, in Berlin. Here we are exploring the relationship between the bank and our customers – visitors can connect with financial experts, network with start-ups at regular events or simply relax in the Q Café or Urban Garden. And Marleen is key to this experience.

She’s been working for the bank for some years now, initially in our branch in the small town of Magdeburg. Since moving to our flagship Berlin branch, her job has expanded into uncharted territory. Not only does she use her financial and digital expertise to match our product offerings to each customers’ needs – she has recently started hosting interactive workshops.

Using the collaborative workspace in the branch in Berlin Mitte her How to be a Berliner session is filled with tips newcomers need when they are looking for an apartment, arranging child care or simply getting to know Berlin a little better. Why? Marleen knows how challenging it is to move to a new city, especially to Berlin, and our customers appreciate the open and authentic advice.

The trial workshop has now become a regular fixture in the calendar of events at Quartier Zukunft. “I never imagined that my own relocation experiences could be so helpful for my clients”, Marleen says.
So, where does yoga come in? For now, Marleen uses it to relax after work with colleagues. But who knows? “It sounds funny”, she admits. “But perhaps this is another workshop idea for the future?”

Watch this space…

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