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We’re looking for the next generation of creative and curious talent that are ready to develop their skills and make that difference, together. This page is packed with information to excite, inspire and guide you in the early stages of your career journey.

You can sign up to upcoming events, or view ones that you've missed. View trending topics, meet our people and learn more about the world of banking from behind the scenes. We'll keep you up to date with our assessment processes too, so you feel prepared and ready to shape the future of finance.

Whether you're fresh out of school or already have some experience, you'll find a wealth of content to read, watch and share.

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Stay informed of upcoming Deutsche Bank events in your region. Unless otherwise indicated, events that are tied to a specific university are for students of that campus only. If you wish to see events in a different country, please use the location tool directly above this section and select an alternative country from the list.

Past Events

Missed some of our previous virtual events? No problem, you can watch a selection of our recent events from around the world. Hear fom our recruitment team, recent early career starters and senior leaders.

  • Unofficial Guide to Banking (APAC)

    Deciphered jargon, debunked myths, and decrypted info. During the course of the 1-hour event recording, you'll get to know our wide range of Early Careers opportunities and where you could best apply your skills. From roles in our Investment Bank to our Private Bank, you'll chat to recent joiners, leaders and recruiters about starting your career with us in Asia.

  • The Reality: Being Black in Banking

    In this episode of The Reality Series, Faroghe speaks to Paul and Trevor about their experiences of being black people in the industry. They discuss the challenges around racial diversity in the workplace and what we’re doing to make sure everyone feels like they belong.

  • The Reality: Women in Banking

    Do women face different challenges in the workplace to men? Why are there fewer women in leadership positions? And what is Deutsche Bank doing to move the dial? Michelle & Jeslyn address these questions as they talk about their experiences as women in banking.

  • The Reality: Tech in Banking

    The session is designed to give you a realistic and unique insight into what working in financial technology is actually like, what the real disruptors are and how Deutsche Bank is harnessing the latest technology developments. You'll also hear first-hand from Vlad and Toby what the career paths and learning journey could look like for engineers in the bank.

  • Unofficial Guide to Banking (UK)

    Deciding which area of the bank to apply for can be confusing; whether that’s Technology, Investment Banking, Private Banking or something else entirely. Shilpa, Soumya, Joshua and Olivia share their experiences to help you understand your options when it comes to starting your career in the industry.

  • Unofficial Guide to Banking (US)

    We don’t think finance should be complicated and at our virtual Unofficial Guide to Banking event, Meghan, Henley, Dave and Monica were there to convey concepts, banking structures and the Early Careers opportunities available in the US to make it easy to digest. Find out how you could use your skills and start where you belong.

What is banking?

To an outsider, the world of banking can seem like an enigma. But that’s something we want to change: our animation series explains how the various different products and services fit together and aims to help you identify where your skills could be applied.

  • What is banking?

    What does a bank do? What products and services do they provide? Who are their clients? An introduction to the role of a bank and the departments that can be found in most financial services organisations.

  • What is transaction banking?

    Transaction banking provides both domestic and international banking services to corporate clients and financial institutions. If you like the idea of enabling global trade in an increasingly complex economy, a role in transaction banking could be for you.

  • What is asset management?

    Alternative, passive, active funds? What’s the difference? This animation breaks down the vast array of investment services asset managers typically provide to their clients.

  • What is private banking & wealth management?

    Private bankers and wealth managers have a responsibility to provide consultative and bespoke advice and solutions to their clients. Products can range from residential mortgages to start up financing and investment management.

  • What is investment banking?

    Investment banking focusses on raising capital for corporate and institutional clients providing an array of services; Mergers, Acquisitions, Sales, Trading – but how do they all work together?

  • Unofficial Guide to Banking

    Unofficial Guide to Banking

    Inside, you’ll discover what banks do, where you could fit in, and how to get a foot in the door. We’ve deciphered jargon, debunked myths, and decrypted info to make the world of banking accessible, once and for all.

A day in the life of…

Working out which area of the bank you want to apply for can be confusing. We asked our graduates to explain what they do in their different roles and business areas to help you decide.

  • Corporate Bank

    Meet Shayla, Dimitrios and Wei-Liang who all joined our Corporate Bank in 2019. Here they explain the career possibilities available and the work they have been doing since starting the Graduate Programme.

  • Technology

    What’s working in finance technology really like? Whether you join us in Information Security, our Innovation Labs, as a Software Engineer, or supporting our business teams; every day will be different and there’ll be plenty of opportunities to develop new skills.

  • Wealth Management

    Olivia from Investment Advisory in London and Felisse in the Global Funds Group in Singapore explain the kind of work they did during their rotations as part of the Graduate Programme. In Wealth Management you can expect responsibility early on in your career and exposure to real client work.

  • Investment Bank: Corporate Finance

    Whether you’re in a product team like Debt Capital Markets or an industry team like Financial Sponsors you’ll learn to build financial models, understand bond issuance, join client calls and work with internal teams like legal and compliance.

  • Investment Bank: FIC Sales, Trading & Structuring

    Giuliana works in Structuring, Elliott in Trading and Silvia in Sales – together they work with clients to provide a broad range of fixed income and currency (FIC) products and financing solutions. In this video they break down the kind of work you could do early in your investment banking career.

  • Finance

    Katia works in Group Finance and rotated through lots of different areas during her programme. Here she explains some of the skills she’s developed since working at Deutsche Bank and the variety in her role.

Getting hired

We’ve pulled together a number of our helpful resources to support you writing your CV, prepare for interviews and start your career with your best foot forward. Our recruiters andmployees early in their careers share their advice.

  • Interview Skills

    What are the most important things to remember when you go to an interview? Confidence, professionalism & enthusiasm! Our recruiters from around the world share their best advice.

  • CV Writing Skills

    How do you explain your story in one page? And how important is a cover letter exactly? Early Careers recruiters Govind, Francesca, Angel and Faroghe give us their top tips for writing a winning CV.

  • Making an impact on your first day

    Your first day on the job can be nerve wracking! But don’t worry you’re not alone. Our Early Careers team are there to support you – here they are with some words of encouragement.

  • Application skills

    The application process can sometimes be daunting, our recruiters offer up their best advice about deciding what to apply for and how to go about it.

  • Reflections on the interview process

    Of course it’s important to be prepared for your interviews and assessment centers but most importantly, be yourself! Our recent joiners reflect on their experiences of the interview process.

  • Recruitment Process

    Recruitment Process

    What can you expect from the recruitment process?

  • Recruitment Timelines

    Recruitment Timelines

    When is the best time to apply? When will you hear back from our recruitment team? Take a look at this chart which should answer some of these questions.

  • Your personal brand

    Your personal brand

    In an increasingly digital world, your online brand can contribute to (or hinder!) your success in starting your career. Read our recruiter tips to help you make the right virtual impression.

  • Effective communication skills

    Effective communication skills

    Whatever role you take on in a bank, collaborating with others around the world is a core part of our culture. Harnessing your communication skills is key to succeed. Take a look at our tips on how you can get ahead.

  • Perfecting your application

    Perfecting your application

    Be realistic, relevant and showcase your skills. Our Head of Executive Recruitment for the Investment Bank share his tips for writing applications that stand out.

Working at Deutsche Bank

So you think you want to work with us but are not quite sure what the culture is like? This selection of resources aims to give you a glimpse into life at Deutsche Bank, who we are and what we stand for.

  • Welcome to the career experience

    Welcome to the career experience

    During this interactive game, you’ll have the chance to navigate through different scenarios giving you a preview of what life at Deutsche Bank could be like. Explore different situations, gain insights into our culture and get a sneak peek into the environment. The journey is yours to control. Ready to play? Let’s get started.

  • Visualise your impact

    Visualise your impact

    No matter what role you’re doing, or where you do it, you’ll bring your perspective and use your skills to drive change. In this game you’re going to experience six real life scenarios based on our work. It’s up to you to decide how you can have the greatest impact.

  • More than banking

    #PositiveImpact is why we come to work. It’s about making a difference in whatever role you’re in. And it’s our people that make it possible. Find out what it could mean for you.

  • Life at Deutsche Bank

    Life at Deutsche Bank

    Here, it’s not just about what you do on a day-to-day basis, it’s about the impact you’ll have. Our people do more thank banking. Click here to read their stories.

Hot Topics

How do banks fit into the global economy, into technology advancements and daily life? We’ve pulled together some of the latest research and reports; from sustainability to FinTechs to get you thinking about the future of the industry.

  • Child hands

    The future of work from home

    Children, interruptions, loneliness, and an unsuitable workplace has left many frustrated as they attempt to work from home. We do the sums to see if businesses should subsidise their employees’ housing costs so they can save on expensive office space.

  • Integrational Conflict

    Intergenerational Conflict: The Next Dividing Line

    The widening generational divide should be a key source of alarm for investors, financial markets and society as a whole. Young people perceive themselves as the losers on issues ranging from housing to climate change to student debt. In turn, this anger is manifesting itself into political outcomes, with elections around the world increasingly fought along generational lines.

  • Racial Gap

    America's Racial Gap & Big Tech's Closing Window

    The exponential growth of the digital economy is going to leave large chunks of minorities with little or no access to jobs. We conduct a bottom up societal study and it shows that 76% of Black people and 62% of Hispanic people could get shut out or be under-prepared for 86% of jobs in the US by 2045. If this digital racial gap is not addressed, in one generation alone, digitization could render the country’s minorities into an unemployment abyss.

  • Does climate change news impact stock prices?

    Addressing climate change can be profitable: companies that received positive press on climate change outperformed the MSCI World index by an average of 1.4 percentage points over the last 12 months.

  • Cryptocurrencies as the 21st century cash

    Cryptocurrencies have always been additions, rather than substitutes to the global inventory of money. What could change that in the years to come?

  • The on-demand life

    The on-demand life

    A decade from now, a family are going through their morning routine. Breakfast has just been delivered from the dark kitchen around the corner, the ironed clothes are due in ten minutes. Take a look at our imagine2030 konzept special edition and find out how our research colleagues imagine the decade ahead.

  • Climate Statement

    Climate Statement

    What if we told you we could change the way 4.5 million people think about sustainability … overnight?

  • Why banks matter

    Why banks matter

    Do we still need banks? In this feature, we look at the changes happening around us and what they mean for banks’ role in the economy and society.

  • Technology at Deutsche Bank

    Technology at Deutsche Bank

    Deutsche Bank has become one of the first financial institutions to establish professional research and development capabilities, including our global network of five Innovation Labs, Global Technology Centres and Digital Factory.

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