Janagran is keeping his finger on the pulse of change

If you want to change anything, you need to have a plan. As well as recognising opportunities, you need to be able to exploit them. Take Janagran, for example. He’s always on the lookout for new experiences in his personal and professional life and has always taken ‘Driving Change’ as his personal motto by asking himself: “Where can I make the biggest difference with what I can do for the bank (and therefore for myself too)?”

Change means: breaking new ground

For Janagran, his personal change journey began in England. Despite initially intending to spend six months visiting his sister, he stayed, successfully completed a degree in business administration and discovered his passion for banking and independent working. “Living in a country is a completely different challenge to just visiting for a short time.”

Change means: knowing and implementing rules and requirements

Janagran’s journey led him from Deutsche Bank’s Operations Center in Birmingham back to Germany. He joined the Risk Center in Berlin as an analyst, where he checked that portfolios managed by DWS complied with regulatory requirements. While he bolstered the team in Birmingham with his knowledge of German, he contributed vital operational experience and a perfect command of English in Berlin. As far as Janagran was concerned, his role wasn’t just about identifying areas where errors could arise, but also giving portfolio managers a greater awareness of regulatory issues and enabling them to take preventative action.

Change means: delivering innovative projects for customers

Although Janagran became more familiar with portfolio management from a middle office perspective during his time at the Risk Center, he wanted to widen his experience of banking so he could play an active role in unlocking the bank’s potential for innovation.

Jangaran is interested in renewable energy and heard about a vacancy in the Loan Operations/Portfolio Management team. On a visit to Frankfurt he arranged to meet and then impressed the manager and joined the Corporate and Investment Bank’s Chief Operation Office. There he supported his colleagues in structured finance by managing contracts and monitoring loans for infrastructure and energy projects such as wind farms and solar energy plants as well as airports in Germany, Europe and America. He actively helped the bank to bring about social change in this role for almost three years.

Change means: digital transformation

Janagran has many talents including excellent IT skills. Knowing how important digital will be to the future of banking, he wanted broaden his experience in this area. In Product Management, he worked on the paydirekt project and learned that part of the challenge of innovation for a major corporation lies in stabilising processes and bringing together stakeholders with different needs and interests in a constructive way.

Change means: sustainability

For the past year, Janagran has taken on a new role that brings together all of his six years’ experience within the bank. The Group Audit team not only analyses processes and procedures but also identifies areas where errors may arise and tests innovative technologies to see how they protect and secure client data.

As Janagran’s professional life has flourished, so has his personal life. He has started a family and bought a house near Frankfurt. When his son Vhishva was born, he was able to take four weeks off work without any problems.

“I’m proud to work for Deutsche Bank. It offers fantastic opportunities if you want to make a difference and achieve something in the long run.”

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