Kathy asks questions that help us do better.

Change needs fresh ideas and innovations. And it needs people who are as curious as they are persistent and who are constantly giving new impulses. People like Kathy.

If not now, when

Since Kathy started her career more than 20 years ago with an apprenticeship at Deutsche Bank, a lot has changed. A largely harmonious banking landscape has become highly dynamic and extremely competitive. However, many tasks have to be tackled and implemented simultaneously - not always easy, but extremely exciting. Many tasks have to be tackled and implemented simultaneously - not always simple, but extremely exciting. Perfect for people like Kathy, who says of herself that she quickly gets bored. She says, "Deutsche Bank nowadays is a wonderful place to make change happen."

More regulation - better bank?

Kathy is Managing Director and heads the Regulatory Strategy & Oversight team. In this role, she is responsible for the bank's regulatory framework. Together with her team she oversees the implementation of the group's most material regulatory initiatives. In collaboration with the bank's business units and other key functions, she develops strategies and action plans to best adapt the bank to the regulatory environment. A job that requires a high level of strategic competence and responsibility.

Kathy sees the implementation of regulatory requirements as an opportunity to make a positive difference. "Regulatory and regulatory compliance make our bank better - for our clients, but also for our employees.

''The Bank needs change.''

Change is not something that will ever be completed, but a perpetual process. "It is illusory to think that with the diversity of change we will ever achieve a permanent status quo." For Kathy, it is therefore a matter of systematically bundling topics, cascading them and transferring them step by step into operational processes.

 "We have to manage the continuous change processes even bette . Banks that are able to adapt changes in their business faster than competitors will be successful."

Kathy and her team ensure that group standards and processes along the so-called regulatory lifecycle for legal rules and regluations are consistent to create more transparency. They also ensure that we are able to manage change processes more effectively. Since regulatory changes often have a bank-wide impact, the challenge is to implement and align changes across business units.

Digital challenges, digital opportunities

One of the biggest challenges for the banks is the increasing digitalization. New competitors, including many financial intermediaries, are forcing their way into the market. As non-banks, these providers are currently subject to different legal requirements and obligations than traditional banks. Here the adaptation of regulatory rules lags behind the high digital dynamics - to the advantage of the new players and with dangers for the data security of customers. The regulatory teams are therefore committed to creating uniform competitive conditions that also give consumers greater security when using digital services. At the same time, Kathy also sees a challenge for the bank's ability to change: Consistent digitalization of processes and flexible customer interfaces are just two of the key words here. "Digital innovation, security and transparency must always go hand in hand in order to survive on the market in the long term."

Small causes, big impact

Change on a large scale is always about change in detail, too. Kathy is convinced that change begins in the everyday. When she takes over a new team, it is important for her to analyse and question the usual processes in the first step. Do we need this report? Is this deep dive, which we spend weeks dealing with, really necessary? Are the processes optimally structured? "We can become much leaner and easier if we take a step back more often and question and re-evaluate the things we do every day."

Small changes that often have a big impact and that give teams the freedom to concentrate on important content or work on major change projects.

Kathy's tip: If you plan to change something, just start asking questions.

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