All under one roof

As someone who has spent all of his 30-year career working with clients, Kevin Burke understands only too well the importance of presenting a united front to the client franchise. As Head of Corporate and Institutional Client Coverage for Asia Pacific, he is seeking out and optimising synergies between Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Bank and the Investment Bank, particularly cross border opportunities, partnering with and providing advisory solutions to our core clients.

“We are supporting both large local and MNC clients and their regional subsidiaries with our full product suite,” says Kevin – whether it’s a large multinational looking to open up in Vietnam, or a Chinese multinational looking to access international markets. Collaboration is the key to the success of the business and Kevin is personally driving this across the divisions.

Not surprisingly, he’s a big believer in the opportunities for the bank in Asia Pacific, the growth engine of the world: “I think the opportunity for us here is really being able to compete cross asset, cross border, but also to really exploit the opportunities in terms of how we can help our colleagues in the other regions, particularly Europe and in the US, servicing their clients who have operations here. That means investing in technology, and providing smart workflow solutions”.

It’s a people and platform business

Having spent two years away from the bank, Kevin re-joined Deutsche Bank in June 2019. “It’s the people, the product suite and the platform,” he explained, on what motivated him to return.

Not a believer in hierarchical leadership, he considers himself an inclusive manager. The success of the firm is its people, “so we must take people and their career development seriously,” he said. As an inclusive manager, he believes in nurturing his people, from juniors to rising leaders, just as he does with his clients. He expects results and for people to take accountability, driving the business like it’s their own. “I want people who aspire for more – for their own career and for our business.” For Kevin this depends on having a work environment where people are empowered and supported. “And there is no harm in having fun at the same time,” he added.

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