Kisha knows there’s nothing to hold her back. She chooses to be more.

Joining the world of banking at the age of 16 as a summer intern, Kisha quickly gained experience and built an impressive CV. That led to her first role with Deutsche Bank in New York, 14 years ago. Since then, she’s enjoyed the support and freedom to choose from myriad opportunities and forged a diverse and ever-changing career with us.

Daring to go further

Ever since she joined Deutsche Bank, Kisha set about learning everything about her product and division. Over the next ten years, she became a subject matter expert, managing a small team while gaining extensive knowledge. The catalyst for her growth came with a development programme for high potential employees from under-represented ethnic groups, which left Kisha feeling energised by the knowledge and insights she received. With her eyes opened to the broader world of Deutsche Bank, she began to look beyond her division and network more widely. Her manager also encouraged her to look at the bigger picture by taking on a new, more challenging role. Though she wasn’t always sure if she was ready to move on, Kisha says she’s glad she always took the opportunity.

Developing in every way

The global VP Acceleration programme propelled Kisha even further by exposing her to a fantastic array of engaging, motivated and talented colleagues and mentors. They included an external career coach who sowed the seed for a big shift in perspective, by suggesting that Kisha needed to show management colleagues what she was doing and achieving. Since then, Kisha made a conscious effort to highlight her successes to a wider audience and says this advice has been key.

“I’ve been lucky enough to meet some really senior people who shared some great advice. It’s helped me greatly to navigate my career.”

Getting support – and giving it back

Kisha is an active member of the Black Leadership Forum. She is also a key stakeholder in the recruitment of fresh talent into her division – Kisha gets involved in the hiring process, meets incoming talent and acts as a mentor. Having entered the industry at such a young age herself, she loves helping other young people navigate the corporate world.

Inclusive from every angle

As a working mother, Kisha feels she’s benefitted from Deutsche Bank’s inclusive working environment in other ways too. Flexible working and working from home arrangements made life easier when she returned to work after having her daughter, as well as support with the process of returning to work after maternity leave.

“I would recommend banking as a career to young women because there’s so much going on. The good thing about Deutsche Bank’s inclusive working environment is that there’s a lot of opportunities; a lot of initiatives.”

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