Melvyn is making partnerships that matter.

Working with colleagues you respect is often a high priority for people considering their career options. But the relationships you build externally can often depend on those you build internally. For Melvyn, a Cash Management Sales Manager in Singapore, collaboration with colleagues and partnering with clients is his favourite part about working here and the two go hand-in-hand.

Building a diverse skillset

Melvyn joined the Cash Management team straight out of university in 2012 and has built his career there since. But don’t mistake that for getting comfortable with what he does. With seven years of accumulated expertise, Melvyn’s work is more varied than ever.

“There are lots of opportunities for younger colleagues to step up here. There are opportunities to do really meaningful work, to meet different people and learn every day.”

He focuses on helping multinational corporates and fintech companies use bespoke treasury solutions to accomplish their business aims and achieve scalable growth. That means he could be doing anything from industry research to global project coordination to working side-by-side with clients to tackle their most pressing day-to-day issues.

Building trust with colleagues

It’s a role that’s defined by collaboration. Melvyn brings together knowledge and expertise from across the business to find effective solutions for clients. He recently worked on a successful project for an Asian e-commerce firm that brought together colleagues from eight different countries to show the client how the full range of different products could benefit their business.

“It was a lot of teamwork to make this a successful deal. There’s a lot of focus on the client here; people are very helpful towards each other and everyone knows what we’re working towards.”

In this area, the success of our work is dictated by how well we work together, and a key part of Melvyn’s role is coordinating that. His internal relationships are as important as his external ones. That means he is consistently building rapport with colleagues to enable them to work together effectively to achieve shared aims.

“There are a lot of challenges. One of them is building trust with people in different functions from different countries so you can get the client what they need.”

Building partnerships with clients

As Melvyn has progressed, he continually builds his expertise and experience which gives clients more confidence. His interest in technology has only helped develop his understanding of his e-commerce and fintech portfolio.

“I was always keen to know how things work and in this sector the companies are often complex. I find it fascinating and there is always more to learn.”

Every project is an opportunity to learn something new. But the real key to long-term success? Long-term collaboration. Melvyn’s cooperative attitude with colleagues has helped him build genuine, mutually-beneficial relationships with clients.

“There are companies I have worked with for years now. We both know that a long relationship is a win-win situation where we can work together. It’s not a supplier-type relationship, it’s a partnership.”

Collaboration isn’t a buzzword for Melvyn, it’s how he’s building his future.

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