Vicki is looking beyond our walls to build us a brighter future

Colleagues from different teams and regions working together to solve the biggest challenges of the future. Learning new ways of doing things, questioning the status quo and creating the way we’ll be working tomorrow, today. All powered by the latest methodologies and cutting-edge technology.

That was Vicki’s vision for our future. Here’s how she made it happen.

Finding new ways of working

At Deutsche Bank, we’re helping our people to collaborate in new and innovative ways. From organising our monthly thought leadership series,, to coordinating company-wide hackathons, as Head of Product Management and Engineering in the Chief Information Office, Vicki is bringing the brightest minds together to make sure we stay ahead.

Cooperation without limits

Our global hackathons have become a must-attend in the annual diary for our technology teams, attracting in excess of 800 participants across 6 global locations. As one of the early drivers of the events, Vicki sees many advantages. “A hackathon is an opportunity for people to come together to solve a problem. At these events, people can get their hands on new technology and share ideas. They can step outside of their comfort zone and work with colleagues they wouldn’t normally. It’s pretty special – and the environment is always electric.”

We view opportunities for learning and collaboration as the key to creating the best solutions for our clients. That’s why Vicki and team have invited some of the greatest experts in tech to our internal speaker series, to deliver insights into emerging technologies, new methodologies and industry best practices.

“The topics covered by the series and our hackathons are certainly thought provoking. These experiences really build a culture of learning. People network and work together to approach problems with a different mind-set. And, better still, they’re broadcast and circulated globally, so everyone benefits.”

Shaping future together

With monthly speakers from companies like Microsoft and Google, the sessions also ensure we’re always moving in the right direction as a digital bank.

“Ultimately we’re a technology firm using the same cutting-edge technology that other tech companies do. The speaker series and hackathons provide an opportunity for our employees to get to grips with the latest advancements so they can start applying them.”

Focused on the future

At Deutsche Bank, we’re investing in our technology platforms and infrastructure to create a digitally optimised business for the future. One week, we might be learning about cloud-based applications, and the next week, we could be experimenting with Microsoft’s Azure.

We’re not just talking about hypothetical, remote ideas – here, they’re reality.

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