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Return to work

Whether you’ve raised a family, set up your own business, or travelled the world, we value the life lessons you’ve learnt along the way as well as your professional experience. We want you to be the best you can be and make the most out of your next experience at work. That’s why we’ll support your return every step of the way. From honing your skills to tailor-made training. From the latest TED talks to guidance and mentoring. We’ll make sure you have all you need to take your next step in your journey.

We support your return with:

  • A specific and tailored, self-directed return to work curriculum
  • Business updates and soft-skills training so that you can refresh your knowledge whenever you need to
  • Access to the latest TED talks
  • Access to internal support networks: so you can talk to like-minded people about any problems you may be experiencing
  • Up to 20 days of emergency childcare per year for children aged three months to eight years – depending on location
We have many exciting opportunities across our business, register your interest here:
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