Produkte und Services

Financial Institutions

Extend your services to your cross-border customers.

FX4Cash supports the cross-currency payment needs of all your customer segments

For your retail customers

  • Over-the-counter retail FX payments
  • Worker remittance payments

For your public sector customers

  • Pension disbursements to pensioners living abroad
  • Tax collection and refund payments
  • Government outlays to overseas contractors
  • Scholarships or stipends to students studying abroad

For your corporate clients

  • Vendor or supplier payments
  • Royalty payments
  • International payroll
  • Trade related payments
  • Dividend and interest payments

Customer benefits

  • Partnering with a global provider that offers an all-in-one FX payment solution
  • Opening new FX revenue opportunities to offset the diminishing fees and float revenues
  • Improving efficiency via a streamlined process of FX dealing, settlement and payment
  • Saving costs by consolidating accounts, eliminating idle balances, and aggregating FX trades
  • Mitigating risks of operating local currency accounts and exposure to currency volatility
  • A single window to track all your FX payments with full audit trail
  • A one point of contact for your payment and FX inquires

FX4Cash Smart Convert : Automatic conversion service for cross-border high-value payments

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