Focus Topics

German politics seem like a haven of stability. This should not, however, mask the fact that while the German economy is currently in good health, the new government will nevertheless face several major challenges. Globalisation, the future of Europe, the new geopolitical situation, climate change and – last but not least – demographic shifts, which are becoming ever clearer. Each of these issues requires a political response. Deutsche Bank Research aims to examine how the main political parties plan to address these and other important issues and analyse whether their proposed solutions are convincing. Our focus will be targeted so we do not aspire to provide a complete analysis of the election programmes.

Startup office

Innovation policy: time to fully recognise the potential of digital start-ups

German defence

German defence policy: towards a more integrated security framework

Europeean Central Bank

EU politics: packed European agenda for the next government with numerous challenges and no (easy) answers


Fiscal policy: state or private, redistribution or growth –who will be the winners according to the parties' tax proposals?


Germany’s fiscal situation: full employment and zero interest rates result in budget surpluses - but demographic development might become a problem!

Slowing german trend

Economic growth: slowing german trend growth does not seem to be a major issue in the electoral campaign

Old lady

Welfare policy: parties not focusing enough on sustainability

Housing policy

Housing policy in Germany: changing direction

Indutrial hall

German industrial policy: General restraint commendable, but key areas that need to be addressed are being neglected

German election

German election: Sunday’s TV debate no game changer

EU politics

EU Politics: Reform debate to pick up pace after the German elections

Reichstag Berlin

Bundestagswahl Special 2017: The final countdown


What’s going to happen after Germany’s Bundestag election?


Conference room-Konferenzraum

Merkel’s last term: A Jamaica coalition

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