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The Chief Operating Office (COO)

Deutsche Bank’s Chief Operating Office (COO) works in partnership with business divisions and infrastructure functions to deliver the bank’s strategic imperatives. COO exercises cross-divisional governance to achieve a consistent and transparent approach to risks, processes, information and reporting. Its structure is aligned with the business, offering technical, transactional, logistical and regulatory expertise and leadership. With a focus on standardising and integrating platforms, improving service delivery and efficiency, and fostering innovation, COO aims to support the bank in operating with the right balance of quality, flexibility, control and cost.

The following divisions make up the COO function:


Our technology teams are responsible for the bank’s entire information technology (“IT”) infrastructure, and the development, and implementation of the software required to support all of the bank’s businesses. The teams work closely with the business and other infrastructure divisions to modernise the bank’s IT platforms and services to reduce complexity, risk and enable business growth.

With award-winning mobile banking apps and trading systems, our technology platforms help Deutsche Bank deliver high quality products to clients. Naturally, we make sure the bank runs smoothly every day - but we also develop collaboration platforms and workspaces that help our people share their knowledge, expertise and passion for our business.

Deutsche Bank is on a journey becoming a technology-driven company. The ambition is to be a leader in the area of digitalisation. We are making significant investments into digital technology across all businesses to enhance the client experience, harness the power of data, and strengthen efficiency and controls by increasing automation. We are also collaborating with external partners such as start-ups, FinTechs, and technology specialists world-wide to discover and implement innovative solutions for our clients.

Deutsche Bank has established full research to development capabilities for innovation, including four innovation labs, strategic partnerships and the digital factory in Frankfurt.


Our Operations group supports Deutsche Bank’s businesses to fulfil operational transactions and processes. Our people work across the globe to process payments in the excess of a trillion euros a day across the bank’s platforms, support thousands of trading desks and enable millions of banking transactions, share trades and emails every day.

Our goal is to deliver world-class client service at exceptional value to internal partners and clients. A dynamic and diverse division, our objective is to make sure that all our services are executed in a timely and professional manner, that risk is minimised and that the client experience is positive.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides world-class real estate, facilities management, procurement and logistics to deliver superior commercial value for the Bank. The team oversees a global property portfolio in more than 60 countries as well as defining the standards for our retail branches and providing working environments that help boost productivity. Corporate Services manages the bank’s relationships with vendors, ensuring high quality services are delivered at competitive price points. We are also working to uphold the bank’s commitment to carbon neutrality and sustainable operations.

Group Chief Security Office

The Group Chief Security Office (CSO) comprises both Corporate Security (CS) and Information Security (CISO). Every day new threats emerge which could impact the effectiveness of our operations. Together we run security operations globally to protect Deutsche Bank’s people, infrastructure and information.

We work with every business division, regional management and all employees to manage the protection of our business operations and facilities, and to maintain the safety and security of our people. We support the resiliency to, recovery from, and the management of crisis events.

Protecting client and staff information is about trust. We work tirelessly, 24/7, to secure information and systems in order to sustain our revenue streams, and preserve our reputation. We build security controls into every layer of technology, including data, devices, and applications. And we monitor our systems around the clock to detect threats and respond to incidents globally.

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