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The Chief Operating Office (COO)

Deutsche Bank’s Chief Operating Office (COO) works in partnership with business divisions and infrastructure functions to deliver the Bank’s strategic imperatives.

COO exercises cross-divisional governance to achieve a consistent and transparent approach to risks, processes, information and reporting. Its structure is aligned with the business, offering technical, transactional, logistical and regulatory expertise and leadership.

With a focus on standardising and integrating platforms, improving service delivery and efficiency, and fostering innovation, COO aims to support the Bank in operating with the right balance of quality, flexibility, control and cost.

The following divisions make up the COO function:

Group Technology & Operations (GTO)
GTO brings together the vital technology and operations pillars of the Bank. The team partners with business divisions, infrastructure functions and regions to provide market-leading IT-related client services and transaction processing for the Bank and its clients. The GTO organisation spans the globe, moving more than EUR 1.6 trillion across the Bank’s platforms, supporting more than 7,000 trading desks and enabling millions of banking transactions and share trades every day.

Corporate Services
Corporate Services provides world-class real estate, facilities management and security operations services to enable people to work at their best while delivering superior commercial value for the Bank. Covering the Bank’s portfolio of 3,000 buildings in 70+ countries, Corporate Services mission is to provide effective, efficient and flexible workplaces and logistics services to support the Bank and its people globally.

The COO of the Chief Operating Office
The office of the Chief Operating Office conducts cross-divisional governance, supporting and coordinating operational and regulatory committees and overseeing activity relating to the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). The office of the COO also oversees Corporate Security and Business Continuity (CSBC) and the Chief Information Security Office (CISO)

Corporate Security and Business Continuity (CSBC)
CSBC protects Deutsche Bank’s people, infrastructure, processes and information. CSBC constantly assesses the global security situation and business-specific risks, and ensures the continuity of critical businesses and functions.

The Chief Information Security Office (CISO)
CISO is responsible for ensuring the Bank’s information and that of its clients are adequately protected, reducing information and IT risks and establishing appropriate standards and controls. CISO drives the Bank’s cyber security strategy both internally and externally.

DB Analytics develops a suite of cutting-edge financial-mathematical models (DBAnalytics) used for trading and the risk management of cash and derivatives in all asset classes in CB&S. These models drive many of the bank's regulatory and portfolio calculations.

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