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The ability to manage cross-border, cross-currency premium receipts and claims payments has become essential in day-to-day treasury operations. With FX4Cash you can combine your expertise in the insurance market with our world class expertise in FX and payments.

FX4Cash Receivables for your premiums

FX4Cash gives you the ability to manage and control your incoming foreign currency premiums and profits / dividends. For each inbound currency flow Deutsche Bank will convert and remit funds to your designated account in up to 37 pre-defined target currencies and credit to accounts held with any bank.


  • Convert incoming premiums or repatriated dividends / profits into your chosen base currency
  • Automated, FX conversions available in up to 37 currencies at live market rates
  • Different inbound flows can be converted into different base currencies and credited to various accounts according to the parameters you select

FX4Cash Payments for your claims and expenses

Settle all your claims and operational expenses in more than 120 currencies with no need to hold currency accounts. FX4Cash has the flexibility to be configured to match your unique operational work flow for your outgoing payments. You can initiate payments to FX4Cash via a file upload or via Deutsche Bank’s online platform db-direct internet. Choose from real time or fixed rates.


  • Convert outgoing claims payments to the policy-holder's home currency
  • Automated real-time rate conversions available in more than 120 currencies for payments and in up to 37 currencies for receipts
  • Streamline and automate the processing of claims and expenses
  • Customizable work flow to seamlessly automate your existing process

Benefits to you

  • Streamline, automate and control client premiums and claims
  • Reduce number of accounts maintained, associated costs and reconciliation efforts
  • Improve working capital by eliminating idle balances and exposure to currency devaluation
  • State-of-the-art pricing applications and market depth ensures competitive rates across a huge range of currencies
  • Access to the Deutsche Bank Currency Guide for expert currency information in searchable format
  • Full audit trail and information reporting
  • Ability to add mark-up to currency flows generating a new revenue stream
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