Products and services

Law Firms

FX4Cash supports your cross-currency payment needs and allows you to pay in almost any currency around the world from one base currency account

  • Overseas payments
  • International payroll
  • Partner payments
  • Payments in major and exotic currencies
  • Incoming payments
  • Forward contracts

Customer Benefits

  • A highly flexible platform that can be configured to meet your business needs
  • Competitive and transparent FX rates from a leading FX provider
  • Access to market rates for over 120 currencies covering 170 countries
  • Full transparency around payments in exotic currencies
  • Saves costs by consolidating accounts, eliminating idle balances and aggregating FX trades
  • Mitigates the risk of operating local currency accounts and exposure to currency volatility
  • One point of contact for all your payment and FX inquiries
  • Protect against FX exposure with forward contracts
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