Financial services have an important role to play in the development of Indonesia’s economy and society. The consumer finance provided by AEON Credit Service makes purchases like laptops and mobile phones affordable for its customers. Deutsche Bank is helping AEON Credit increase access to consumer finance throughout Indonesia.

Most of AEON Credit’s customers do not earn enough to qualify for a loan or credit card from a bank. The company’s consumer finance plans provide an affordable alternative. “Our requirements are much simpler,” explains Shiro Ishida, President Director of AEON Credit Service Indonesia.

AEON Credit’s plans are available at the point of sale from many merchants. Customers use them to make purchases that can improve their daily lives and pay for them over time.

Since most customers use cash, AEON Credit needs a payment channel that is convenient for them. Drawing on 50 years of local knowledge and global expertise in transaction banking, Deutsche Bank has created a pioneering payment collection service that is supporting the expansion of this service to more parts of the country. 

Customers can use convenience stores to make repayments, which are transmitted electronically to Deutsche Bank. AEON Credit receives the money quickly and the collection data provided by Deutsche Bank offers valuable insights on consumer behaviour.

Deutsche Bank has a lot of experience providing payment collections in emerging markets

This solution provides AEON Credit with the national platform it needs to scale up this business. It is available in over 28,000 convenience stores across Indonesia. With their long opening hours, these stores make it easier for customers to pay on time. Customers can use any store in the network to make a repayment.

Increasing financial access is a development goal for the Indonesian government. Once AEON Credit’s customers build a positive credit history they become eligible for other types of finance, such as credit cards. “AEON Credit Service supports financial inclusion,” says Shiro Ishida.

Payment clearing

Deutsche Bank processes 180 million cash management transactions in the Asia Pacific region annually