German media and technology company Hubert Burda Media does business all over the world. Burda’s printing plants in India supply textbooks to schools in Africa, improving access to education where it matters most. Deutsche Bank helps Burda manage the risks involved. 

In 2017 Burda’s business portfolio comprised some 600 products in Germany and 19 other countries. Best known for digital platforms and magazines such as Xing, Holidaycheck and Bunte, the company also produces textbooks for schools.

Printing these textbooks at plants in India helps Burda be competitive in this market. “Printing in India allows us to provide customers with high quality at an affordable price,” says Katharina Zwanzig, Corporate Treasury Director.

Operating across borders is becoming the norm in business but it remains complex. That’s especially true in emerging markets, where political uncertainties increase risk. Deutsche Bank was founded to accompany German businesses into the world. The bank supports the global ambitions of Burda and many other German multinational clients. 

Deutsche Bank’s relationship with Burda goes back more than 50 years. Cross-border services provided by the bank include cash management, currency risk management and international trade finance. “Our trade finance and payment guarantees help Burda win new business,” explains Bernd Sauter, Regional Head Corporate Banking.

Deutsche Bank has a lot of experience of helping clients do business in Africa
Bernd Sauter, Deutsche Bank

The textbooks that Burda supplies to schools in Africa improve access to education. As well as lifting the prospects of children, this is crucial to economic development. “That’s especially important for the developing world,” says Katharina Zwanzig. 

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