For more than 150 years we’ve supported those who keep life and business moving. 

What powers the transportation of tomorrow will be different again

From daily commute to home delivery, school run to road trip, we all have places to be. How that happens is always changing.

Throughout our history, Deutsche Bank has helped bring new forms of mobility into the mainstream. We support the pioneers who see how new technologies can transform our way of life. We provide the financing and loans to get businesses up and running, advise on strategy and help navigate the ups and downs along the way. We’ve assisted the launch of airlines, the expansion of railways and helped German automakers become global brands.

Every step forward helps create a more connected world. We can visit far-flung friends and family. Small businesses can sell to international markets. Mobility is essential for communities too: increased transport links bring better work, housing and education opportunities within reach.

Even in these times, when mobility is limited by lockdowns, many are working from home and others are required to stay home, we still need different modes of transport to provide life’s essentials, from medicines to pizzas.

We are part of the global effort to make travel cleaner, safer and more sustainable. The petrol engine was the future once. Behind the wheel, on the rails and above the clouds, what powers the transportation of tomorrow will be different again. Right now, we’re helping our clients navigate the impact of Covid-19 on cash flow, business models and future plans. The priority is to keep going — because driving to work, taking the train, tram and subway and boarding a plane will soon be an everyday occurrence once again.

There may be a lasting impact on how we all get from A to B. But for more than 150 years we’ve seen how people and industries always adapt to changing landscapes and find new ways to thrive. This is how the world keeps moving. 

We support those who see how new technologies can transform our way of life

More than 150 years of progress



We finance the Northern Pacific Railroad, which connects cities across the US



Electric trams bring faster, cleaner urban transportation to Barcelona and Seville: we help finance the change 



We support the expansion of China’s railway network, which accelerates industrialisation 



Our financing of the construction of the Berlin-Baghdad railway helps link Asia to Europe 



We arrange the merger of Daimler and Benz, which provides the platform for the modern German auto industry



We help create Lufthansa, which opens up new routes between Germany and the rest of the world



Privatisation enables Volkswagen to become a global auto brand: we lead the share offering 



Through hedging solutions, trade finance, asset finance and leasing, we help Rolls-Royce adapt to changes in the aviation industry 



A convertible bond offering and cash management help British Airways navigate through the financial crisis 



We arrange the refinancing of the R1 Expressway, which improves the flow of road freight through Central & Eastern Europe 



We support the IPO of NIO so it can expand all-electric vehicle production



We arrange the financing for the extension of Istanbul’s metro network, which provides extra capacity for a growing urban population 



As payment agent, we support Rock Rail’s investments in state-of-the-art trains for France, Germany and the UK