Deutsche Bank Impact Investment Fund I closes two impact investments

The two new investments Impact Ventures UK and Social Venture Fund II mark 50 per cent of the total sum of 10 million pounds committed.

Deutsche Bank Impact Investment Fund I (DBIIFI) was launched in 2011 to support the growth of the Social Finance market through a £10m fund to be invested over 3 years. On this road, it can now mark a new milestone: it has closed two new investments, thereby increasing the Bank’s portfolio to five investments.

“Both investments are excellent examples of how this groundbreaking fund, which accepts a reduced return on investment in order to support social enterprise, can make a real impact in society," characterizes Colin Grassie, CEO of Deutsche Bank UK, the process. 

Impact Investment visual

Impact Ventures UK

The first close of LGT Venture Philanthropy and private bank Berenberg’s social impact fund Impact Ventures UK (IVUK) will support enterprises that create strong positive social impact for disadvantaged people and communities in the UK, as well as generating a financial return. Preceding its announcement, the fund raised £20.8m (€24.8m) from investors including DBIIFI.

Social Venture Fund II

The Social Venture Fund (SVF), which has recently announced the successful 16.4 million euro first closing of Social Venture Fund II (SVFII), invests risk capital in social enterprises focusing on alleviation of human suffering, work and education and build-up of lasting means of subsistence.

The successful first fund saw investments into organisations such as Auticon, a software testing firm by people with autism, Germany Rounds Up, which deals with micro donations, and VerbaVoice, which produces live transcriptions for the hearing impaired.

Social Venture Fund also has a Europe-wide investment remit.

“In the past three years we have shown that social entrepreneurs can effectuate measurable and relevant social changes.”

Dr. Thomas Jetter Member of the SVF

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