Januar 14, 2014

Deutsche Bank celebrates Global Diversity Week

In 2013 18,000 employees across 36 countries in 46 locations celebrated the third annual Diversity Week

Deutsche Bank operates in 72 countries and employs people from 136 nationalities. The bank is committed to fostering diversity and inclusion. We are a founding member and signee of the Charta der Vielfalt in Germany, Charter de la Diversidad in Spain and the Charte de la Diversite in Luxembourg which illustrates our commitment to a culture based on mutual respect.

Diversity with respect to gender, ethnic origin, religion, age, disability, generations and sexual orientation contributes to meeting the requirements of different clients. Deutsche Bank has made a voluntary commitment along with other DAX companies to increase the proportion of female senior executives at the Managing Director and Director level positions to 25 percent and also the proportion of female management staff at the Managing Director, Director, Vice President, Assistant Vice President and Associate levels to 35% by the end of 2018, subject to applicable laws worldwide.

The principle of diversity is intended to enable every employee to fully apply his or her individual experience and talents. Deutsche Bank recently organized the third annual Diversity Week to engage its people, celebrate the extraordinary cultural diversity within the bank and further raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion. Numerous employees as well as volunteer members of employee networks and representatives of Diversity Councils organized over 210 events. The bank wants to recognize the various perspectives, experiences, ways of life and cultures that its employees bring to the company through Diversity Week.

The members of the management board and the Group Executive Committee actively took part in the week through hosting townhalls, events, panels and also featuring in videos throughout the course of week. Diversity and Inclusion is of great importance to the success of the bank. The appointment of Gülabatin Sun as the new Global Head of Diversity underscores this belief. Ms. Sun reports to Stephan Leithner, Member of the Management Board.

A few highlights from the week included:

  • In Frankfurt, a panel addressed the topic of cultural change and the importance of mentoring as a way of fostering partnership and innovation.
  • The first network group for employees with disabilities, called Enable: db was launched in India
  • In London, dbPride and the UK Women's Network led a panel discussion on role models
  • In New York, Deutsche Bank together with other Wall Street banks organized the Third Annual Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS) conference. The conference's objective is to support the re-integration of war veterans into working life.
  • In EMEA, more than 4,000 employees and 250 senior managers across 16 countries participated in 86 initiatives. In Italy, 80 employees attended the launch of the first EMEA dbPride Ally network.

For more information on Diversity and Inclusion at Deutsche Bank visit diversity.db.com

Various perspectives, experiences, and ways of life

18,000 employees

across 36 countries celebrated the third annual Diversity Week

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