Deutsche Bank is working with the Centre for Social Justice to tackle inequality

In the framework of its Born to Be program, Deutsche Bank works together with the Centre for Social Justice to advance policy recommendations in time for the UK general election 2015.

Born to Be

Our UK Corporate Citizenship youth engagement program Born to Be targets young people aged 11-18 at risk of exclusion. Born to Be will help these young people fulfil their potential by providing new skills, confidence and aspirations through education-led projects.

Failing at the first hurdle

40% of UK students

do not achieve basic qualifications according to the UK Department for Education 2013.

The bank’s Born to Be youth engagement programme aims to improve the prospects of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by building the skills, confidence and aspirations they need for success in life.

Influencing public policy is part of the Born to Be mission. In the UK, Deutsche Bank is working with social policy think tank the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ), which has a track record of influencing thinking across the political spectrum, to target educational inequality.


Over 2 million

young people in the UK attend schools that fall short of the ‘good’ standard set by the Office for Standards of Education 2012.

In September 2013 the CSJ published research on the causes of educational failure in the UK. With Deutsche Bank’s support, it’s now working on a policy response. Politicians from all parties, educational leaders and grass roots charities will be consulted on the reforms needed to create an education system that gives all young people the opportunity to achieve their full potential. When the project looks at how schools prepare students for the world of work, the bank will contribute its perspective as an employer.

The CSJ will publish its policy recommendations in 2014, in time to shape the debate on education in the lead up to the UK general election in 2015.

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