March 18, 2014

Fondazione Deutsche Bank initiates educational projects in Italy

Deutsche Bank in Italy recently established its own Foundation, the Fondazione Deutsche Bank, in a move to further drive the bank’s Corporate Citizenship program in Italy.

Arti & Mestieri

Deutsche Bank in Italy looks back on a long tradition of Corporate Citizenship. Over the years, the bank has had a significance influence in the areas of education and culture.

The establishment of Fondazione Deutsche Bank in 2013 continues and expands this tradition. The new foundation focuses on social and educational projects in Italy. The main objective is to encourage young people to realize and develop their full potential and to promote equality of education for the disadvantaged. Furthermore, the foundation is committed to promote Italy’s traditions in the arts and crafts.

To that end, the foundation hosted its first-ever public event on March 14, 2014, under the motto “Code of Talent.” The aim of the cultural initiative, held in collaboration with the prestigious Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte, is to draw attention to Italian schools and academies specialized in passing on traditional craftsmanship and to bundle their offers. The initiative has already resulted in a new website and a book “The Rules of Talent,” which presents 17 renowned Italian schools and academies in detail.

Fondazione Deutsche Bank is the Group’s most recently launched foundation. Deutsche Bank’s corporate citizenship activities are brought to life in its regional units and endowed foundations . Their initiatives ensure that social capital is built in all regions in which the bank operates.

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