February 21, 2013

Investing responsibly: A UN PRI conference held at Deutsche Bank

Interest in responsible investment products has continued to grow, in spite of turbulent times in financial markets. European ESG assets under management are approximately 5 trillion euros, and in Asia, ESG assets are predicted to grow to 4 trillion US dollars by 2015.

It is considered to be part of our fiduciary duty as a Bank, to take ESG factors into account since evidence shows there is a link between financial performance and ESG factors. Equities, in particular, have shown to have a neutral to positive risk/return profile for ESG investments. Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management thus meets the requirements of investors in the long term, therefore producing sustainable success.

Deutsche Bank co-hosted the latest UN PRI conference on the potential risk and impact that environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors can have on the risk and return profile of investment portfolios. The two-day event, held at Deutsche Bank’s head quarter in Frankfurt in December, started with a key note by Peter Eigen, founder of Transparency International, on the private sector's role in defeating corruption worldwide.

The lead panel discussion focused on how financial markets can become more sustainable and the current state of the responsible market and its challenges in the future. Participants could then attend a number of panel sessions covering the entire spectrum of ESG debates: Financial Markets and Sustainability; ESG Equity Integration; ESB Beyond Equity Integration; Activities in the ESG Space; and themes specifically relevant to Germany.

“The conference showed the dynamism of German thinking on responsible investment issues and the importance of regular meetings for German Network members, ” PRI Executive Director James Gifford said. The UN PRI were developed in 2005/2006 by international investors together with the Finance Initiative of UNEP, the United Nations Environment Programme and the UN Global Compact. In the meantime, more than 1,100 large investors, asset managers and financial service providers worldwide have signed the six principles and undertaken to integrate environmental, social and corporate governance criteria into their investment processes, among other things. Deutsche Bank’s Asset Management was an early signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), which were launched in 2008. The principles underpin our approach to investment decisions.

Deutsche Bank aims at creating values which align with a transformation to a sustainable economy and stakeholders’ shifting expectations. The Bank's research and publications on global carbon emissions, climate change and sustainability are renowned worldwide.


Peter Eigen – Transparancy International

“The conference showed the dynamism of German thinking on responsible investment issues and the importance of regular meetings for German Network members.”

James Gifford PRI Executive Director


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Environmental and Social (ES) Policy Framework (PDF)

Sustainability at Deutsche Bank – information for investors (PDF)

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