March 04, 2014 | United Kingdom

Football as a perspective – Deutsche Bank supports Team UK at the Street Child World Cup

In the UK, nearly 100,000 children find themselves on the streets every year, the number is even higher in developing regions. The Street Child World Cup aims to raise awareness and give street children a chance. Deutsche Bank is on board as sponsor for Team UK.

Street Child World Cup
In 2014, 24 teams of street children from across the globe will come together for the next Street Child World Cup in Rio, Brazil. In this video, see how they prepare for their Road to Rio. Image © Amit Lennon

A life on the streets is a life often exposed to violence, crime, sexual abuse, exploitation, torture, lack of education and healthcare. It is impossible to count the number of children living under these conditions worldwide, they rarely figure in statistics and their status is transient by nature – yet there are many. Their prospects of attaining qualifications and a stable future are substantially lower than those of their peers, their risk of being exploited and falling ill much higher.

The Street Child World Cup aims to shine a light on the rights of these street children, and campaign for better protection and opportunities. The global football tournament invites teams from all over the world to compete against each other, 2014 for the first time since the launch in a Street Child World Cup for girls in Rio de Janeiro, where the FIFA World Cup will also be held. Deutsche Bank, together with StreetSmart, sponsors Team UK, a team of nine girls who have all previously experienced homelessness or still find themselves homeless.

Gaining confidence and inspiring team spirit

Deutsche Bank believes that participating in sport can help to build confidence, foster integration and develop skills, especially for underprivileged young people. The success and positive feedback of its established sports programs, such as Game Changers in the UK and PACES in Palestine, show how this method can help young people acquire the skills and aspirations necessary for a successful future. “Through sponsoring Team England we hope it can lead to greater opportunities for the young girls and the many others they will inspire along the way,” says Colin Grassie, CEO of Deutsche Bank UK.

Deutsche Bank volunteers will support the team on the Road to Rio, during the tournament and most importantly, by providing mentoring, employment training and work experience when they return home. They will work together with New Horizon Youth Centre and Independent Futures in London, which help homeless children with accommodation, employment skills and counseling services, to ensure a legacy of positive impact.

Deutsche’s commitment to Street Child World Cup is part of its Born to Be youth engagement program, which aims to help young people reach their full potential by developing employability skills, confidence and aspirations.

“I know what a difference football can make to young girls' lives and I'll be supporting you on your Road to Rio – no girl should have to live on the streets.”

Alex Scott Football defender with Arsenal L.F.C and the women's national football team UK


StreetSmart image


is an annual project to combat homelessness. From November to the end of December, participating restaurants and diners all over Britain add one pound to their bills to support organizations providing essential services such as food provision, emergency shelter and housing advice to people without permanent housing or at risk of losing their homes.


Learn more about StreetSmart.

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