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StreetSmart launches 2013 campaign for the homeless

Homelessness is one of the decisive issues in modern-day Britain: each year, up to 80,000 young people experience homelessness, the number of families in temporary emergency accommodation is on a ten-year-high, all while overall homelessness figures have climbed again in 2013.

StreetSmart SleepSmart Campaign 2013

StreetSmart is an annual project to combat homelessness and ensure adequate shelter and nutrition for people without permanent housing or at risk of losing their homes. From November to the end of December, participating restaurants and diners all over Britain add one pound to their bills to support 103 charitable organizations providing essential services such as food provision, emergency sheltering, especially in the winter months, and housing advice. An essential focus of the campaign recently has been to fund preventative initiatives for young people. This focus has particular relevancy in the face of the recent numbers released by CentrePoint, showing that up to 80,000 young people temporarily live outside permanent housing a year.

Deutsche Bank joined the StreetSmart initiative in 2006 and supports the project now in the eighth year. With the Bank’s support, a substantial part of the 6.3 million pounds collected since StreetSmart’s launch in 1998 could be employed to support charities struggling with skyrocketing homelessness figures. Participating restaurants can now show an impressive result: over 550 take part this year, covering 22 cities across the United Kingdom in some of the most hard-hit areas of the country. Among them are high-end restaurants as well as diners and specialty dining locations, with some, such as Meatliquor, able to show fundraising results of up to 14,000 pounds in 2012.

StreetSmart is part of Deutsche Bank’s Born to Be youth engagement program. The program aims to reduce youth unemployment and to find solutions to recent challenges facing young people across the United Kingdom.

StreetSmart 2013

StreetSmart – Helping the Homeless

Find all participating restaurants, including those in your vicinity, as well as all news on the initiative on

StreetSmart – Helping the Homeless

Homelessness in the UK

33 % rise of homelessness

in the UK since 2010

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