February 18 - March 22, 2014 | Hong Kong

Cantonese opera or Scottish ballet – students experience the Hong Kong Arts Festival

Attend world-class performances – since 1992, the Young Friends program has given 130,000 students of schools in Hong Kong this opportunity. In 2014, Deutsche Bank supports the art education program as corporate sponsor.

The Hong Kong Arts Festival is one of Asia’s major cultural events: in 2013, it saw over 1,500 artists perform in 140 performances, including 13 world premieres. The festival attracts world-class performers, such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, José Carreras and the New York City Ballet, and displays a variety of artistic genres.

For 22 years, Young Friends of the Hong Kong Arts Festival has aimed to make the festival as inclusive as possible by facilitating the participation of local students. In this, they produce remarkable results: nearly 22,000 students attended performances in the 2012/2013 session and over 8,000 members of secondary and tertiary institutions became members of the program. Members can choose two performances to attend during the festival out of a diverse set. This year, their options include, among others, Richard Wagner’s Lohengrin performed by the Savonlinna Opera Festival, Romeo and Juliet put on stage by the National Theatre of China as well as the Cantonese opera Wu Song The Tiger Killer.

Young Friends

At the Hong Kong Arts Festival, students are invited to performances and so-called PLUS events, where, for example, the creative minds behind the stagings talk about their work.

Making inclusion in the arts possible


The number of students Young Friends has reached out to in the last two decades.

Experiencing culture beyond the perfomance

Deutsche Bank, in the Asia Pacific region represented by its Deutsche Bank Asia Foundation, believes that participation in music and the arts fosters creativity, teamwork, and confidence – especially in young people. In this vein, it supports Young Friends in making it possible for students to do more than attend performances. In workshops, lectures, meet-and-greets and other educational activities they receive the chance to actively dive into the creative process that brings the festival to life.

In addition, Deutsche Bank sponsors 250-300 underprivileged students for this year’s program and makes 30 complimentary tickets to a rehearsal of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra available to the Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alexandra School. The special care center provides holistic educational and therapeutic services for more than 230 children with physical and multiple handicaps.

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Sharing enthusiasm for art and music

Sharing enthusiasm for culture

Questioning the familiar gives us a new perspective on things. Deutsche Bank firmly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience culture regardless of race, social background and education.

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