August 12, 2013

Focus on client satisfaction: Best rating for Deutsche Bank in study on advisory service quality

Client centricity is one of the core corporate values of Deutsche Bank. A recent study revealed that - among brick-and-mortar banks throughout Germany - our institute is in the lead as far as advisory service for private clients is concerned. Deutsche Bank earned excellent marks particularly in the area of requirements analysis and solution competence.


We aspire to be our clients’ partner and to earn their trust by placing them at the core of our organisation. That also includes understanding and serving our clients’ needs in the best possible way. The fundamental prerequisites for that are in-depth analysis of individual requirements and a high level of solution competence.

A recent study conducted by the analysis institute S.W.I. on behalf of Handelsblatt has confirmed that we are on the right track. The primary focus of the study was an evaluation of advisory quality. The findings: With a total of 82.4 out of 100 possible points, Deutsche Bank achieved the best score in comparison with six supra-regional banks with a network of branches in Germany.

From March to May 2013, testers visited branches of the six financial institutes and requested advice 120 times in total. Besides Deutsche Bank, the other participating banks were Commerzbank, Hypo-Vereinsbank, Postbank, Santander Bank and Targobank. The testers ascertained the detail in which the banks’ employees determined what the clients wanted (requirements analysis) and how well they succeeded in making an individually suitable proposal (solution competence). Those aspects were evaluated for the area of retirement provisions, building project financing, financial investments and loans.

With regard to requirements analysis, Deutsche Bank was clearly ahead of the other participants, scoring a total of 78.8 out of 100 possible points. It conducts the most comprehensive requirements analysis, whereby it achieved especially good results in the category of retirement provisions and financial investments. In the solution competence category, Deutsche Bank also earned a first place ranking with a total of 87.5 points. Its advisors made a convincing impression thanks to their specialist expertise: they were very well prepared and always able to answer the questions the testers asked. S.W.I. also gave a positive evaluation for the transparent fashion in which fees are handled and reliable use of the consultation record, which generates a trust-based atmosphere.

In addition to the advisory quality of the bank branches, the study also examined the extent to which the banks cater to online clients with service options in the area of social media, banking apps as well as online and/or video advisory service. In that category, the results of which accounted for 10 percent of the overall rating, Deutsche Bank achieved a third place ranking right behind HypoVereinsbank and Postbank.

Analysis institute S.W.I. on behalf of Handelsblatt

82.4 out of 100 possible points.

Best score for Deutsche Bank regarding advisory quality.

“We as­pire to be our clients’ part­ner and to earn their trust by pla­cing them at the core of our or­gan­isa­tion. That also in­clu­des under­stan­ding and ser­ving our clients’ needs in the best pos­sible way. ”

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