Create London – Bridging the creative community and local residents

As one of the largest employers in the City of London, Deutsche Bank is proud to be the main sponsor of Create which connects the creative community to the local residents in East London to drive social and economic change.

Create London hosts events in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Open East Festival by Create: One year after the Olympic Games, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London opens up to host events that help cement the Park’s new identity as a major hub for artistic, cultural and community activities.

Create London in cooperation with We are what we do to tackle the problem of youth obesity in deprived London areas

Innovative project in cooperation with Create London: "We are what we do" aims to tackle the serious problem of youth obesity in deprived areas of London with a research and development programme

Create London: The Paper Architect created by Davy & Kristin McGuire

The Paper Architect created by Davy & Kristin McGuire is an art installation which will be displayed at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park as part of the Open East Festival

Create Festival 2012 – Prometheus awakes

Impressions Create Festival 2012 – Prometheus awakes and fascinates the audience

Create Festival 2012 – Making culture accessible

Impressions Create Festival 2012 – Making culture accessible to everybody

Through a new experiential approach, the arts venture Create London provides the perfect platform to exchange and develop creative ideas, supporting one-off as well as longer-term multi-disciplinary art projects. In making the arts accessible, Create is making a vital contribution not only to local communities but to the UK’s vibrant arts scene.

Create London exists to spread the benefits of being home to Europe’s largest cultural quarter to people living in east London. Despite having the highest concentration of artists and creative businesses in the UK, the area has low levels of cultural engagement and remains one of the most deprived parts of the country. The project aims to bridge the traditional barriers of class, culture and education between artists and people from all social backgrounds.

The way in which this is done is diverse and ambitious. Over the last year the people of Create have connected international artists with local audiences through a series of commissions, set up mentoring schemes with east London schools and creative professionals for the Create Art Award and, with the help of Assemble and 500 volunteers, transformed a disused undercroft on the A12 motorway to create a new social space where art can flourish within the community.

Create has a vital role to play in the continued economic regeneration of east London and our work is underpinned by Create Jobs, which provides mentoring, support and paid employment opportunities for local young people.

Last year, Create London encouraged over a million spectators to not only watch, but also get actively involved through family workshops, volunteering, training and other activities. This enabled the local community to play a part in creating a truly world class festival in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Deutsche Bank believes that creativity is vital to culture; it provides new perspectives, and should be accessible to all which is why we are proud to be the main sponsor of Create for the fourth consecutive year.


Successful venture

1 million people

could be reached with Create London

“The Arts are crucial to stimulating growth innovation and to inspiring communities”

Colin Grassie CEO, Deutsche Bank UK

“A responsible, ethical and desirable initiative...”

New York Times


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