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We bring culture to people: Whether it is picking up school children in art busses for a day in the museum or making the world of opera a local experience in diverse neighborhoods – the initiatives supported by Deutsche Bank Foundation always aim to inspire the general public in art and music, regardless of their social background.

Selam Opera! – Operndolmuş in Berlin

Das Team des Operndolmuş

Team of the Operndolmuş
© Maren Kraume

Since April 2013, the Operndolmuş is part of the “Selam Opera!” intercultural project that the Komische Oper Berlin has launched to reach out to a Turkish audience. Dolmuş, which means “full” in Turkish, is also the word used for a minibus: Packed with singers, musicians and dramatic advisors, it stops at meeting places, retirement homes, immigrant organizations and educational institutions in Berlin neighborhoods with particularly large numbers of people from different cultures. There, the artists perform a small repertoire of arias and duets from more than 300 years of opera to create interest in a form of art unknown to many of these people. One of the program’s highlights is Carmen, performed in Turkish.

With support from the Deutsche Bank Foundation, Operndolmuş complements the extensive range of workshops and events.

“The Komische Oper Berlin has a tradition of appealing to as many people in Berlin as possible. But it’s not enough to wait in the opera until the city’s many different people leave their neighborhoods to come to us.”

Barrie Kosky Manager and Director of the Komische Oper Berlin

“We felt as if we were sitting in the front row. That’s how close we were to the singers.”

Medine Silav Visitor
Oper – ganz nah

© Maren Kraume

The aim of the project is for performing artists to visit people in their local communities to build bridges to the world of opera. The Komische Oper Berlin bus makes monthly tours. Interested institutions can apply for a Operndolmuş visit at Komische Oper Berlin.

Wallraf the Museum Bus

Since 2008, more than 19,000 students arrived at the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum in Cologne via "Wallraf the Museum Bus". The goal of the outreach project was to reach young people who had not had the opportunity to visit a museum, with a considerable number of lower secondary and special schools taking advantage of the offer; they account for 35 percent of the participants. On the way to the museum, the school students were shown an introductory movie in the bus and prepped by art instructors for the museum tour.

December 19, 2013, marked Wallraf's last trip to the museum accompanied by Deutsche Bank Foundation.

Wallraf der Museumsbus

Wallraf, the Museum Bus picks up pupils in and around Cologne to explore art…

© Wallraf-Richartz-Museum / Patrick Komanns

Wallraf der Museumsbus

…in the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum.

© Wallraf-Richartz-Museum

Wallraf der Museumsbus

A curator accompanies the pupils through the museum…

© Wallraf-Richartz-Museum / Patrick Komanns

Wallraf der Museumsbus

… and what they have learned they put into practice.

© Wallraf-Richartz-Museum / Patrick Komanns

Wallraf der Museumsbus

Through their own practical work, the pupils can discover their creativity

© Wallraf-Richartz-Museum / Patrick Komanns

Deutsche Bank Art Bus in Singapore

Since 2009, Deutsche Bank has been participating with the Singapore Art Museum and providing the Deutsche Bank Art Bus. So far, the bus has taken nearly 6,700 elementary school children to the museum for free since the start of the initiative. The program fosters their creativity by introducing them to contemporary art and stimulating their artistic development.

“The idea behind the project is not to wait until young people decide to visit a museum but to pick them up in their local surroundings.”

Andreas Blühm Former Director of the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum and initiator of the outreach project

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