Inspiring young people to re-engage with learning

Deutsche Bank supports various programs which use sport as a vehicle for young people to drive positive behavior change, develop skills, build confidence and encourage ambitions.

Game Changers Youth Development Program 2014

Game Changers Youth Development Program 2014

Game Changers is a community-focused youth development program, aimed to encourage 13 and 14 year old students most at risk of exclusion from school. It is a unique initiative among other sports-based education programs in that it focuses strongly on classroom-based learning sessions such as personal wellbeing, conflict resolution and career management, with afternoon rugby coaching as an additional module.

Specialist teachers delivered the education program to 25 young people, with members of the London Scottish first team and coaching staff working alongside the Club's community development officers to deliver the rugby coaching aspect of the program.

Deutsche Bank volunteers donated their time to assist the coaches with all aspects of the rugby and education program, including Deutsche Bank employee and former England captain Pat Sanderson, who gave the students a scrummaging masterclass alongside former London Scottish player and Argentina international Alfredo Lalanne.

Game Changers is part of the overall Deutsche Bank Corporate Citizenship youth engagement program Born to Be which supports realizing young people’s potential, improving their academic achievement and raising their aspirations.

“Encouraging young people to believe in the values of hard work, discipline, self-esteem and the development of natural talent is a key focus within Corporate Citizenship at Deutsche Bank. We strongly believe that by combining sports and education we can help young people to take the next step in life.”

Colin Grassie Deutsche Bank UK CEO and member of the Group Executive Committee

“It was really good. We had to put our ideas together and then try to make it to the best outcome.”

Eli student participant
Palestine Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sport (PACES)


Deutsche Bank’s Middle East Foundation is also supporting the Palestine Association for Children’s Encouragement of Sport (PACES) in Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon.

PACES was founded in June of 2006 with the primary goal of providing healthy, safe, and structured after-school sports programs for Palestinian girls and boys living in marginalized communities and refugee camps. Its objectives is to provide girls and boys with a healthy, fun and safe after-school activity, to empower girls and women through sports, to use sports as a means to drive positive behavior change in children and to promote sports as an important part of the community’s social fabric.

The program starts with 280 groups of children and will grow during the program cycle in 2014. Each group will have 22 or 23 children for a total of 6,200 children initially and going up to 7,000 a few weeks later. Not only does PACES provide fun, educational and health initiatives to children, but it also creates jobs – for the 2014 program cycle it will create employment for 636 coaches.

“We are delighted and honoured by the support of Deutsche Bank’s Middle East Foundation. Such support will allow us to grow our programs and create much-needed employment in the centres and the camps which house our programs.”

Hani Qattan Founder and Chairman of PACES

“With PACES, it was the first time I travelled outside Palestine, and even outside my small home town. It was like a beautiful dream; I travelled to Austria and I got to know a different world ... it was like something lit inside me. I attend the trainings at Ibda’ Sports Club regularly and I look forward to the new sports program, which begins in two weeks ... I always talk to my family about my feelings when the plane took off ... I have "opened up" with PACES .... I miss the team who traveled with us, and I would like to see them all. I'm still in touch with my friends in the program, such as Abrar and Bara’.”

Mamdouh Al Harimi Ibda’ Sports Club


If you have any questions about Game Changers or PACES, please contact our colleagues per e-mail at:


Environmental and Social (ES) Policy Framework (PDF)

Corporate Responsibility – Report 2016 (PDF)

Sustainability at Deutsche Bank – information for investors (PDF)

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