Green IT: Energy efficiency at work

Our Green IT policy is specially designed to reduce the energy footprint from the information technology and communication infrastructure used at Deutsche Bank. We are pioneering designs and methods as well as developing eco-friendly concepts that are new to the banking industry and the wider real estate industry. In 2012, we successfully concluded the 8-point program for delivering an environmentally friendly IT infrastructure that we adopted in 2009, and thus contributed towards achieving our goal of climate neutrality.

DB New Workplace, our workplace standard in line with Green IT guidelines, has resulted in energy savings of nearly 76 percent per person. We have been able to save 4.5 million kWh of electricity a year at a total of almost 20,000 workplaces where the standard has been implemented. The quantity of paper for print-outs has been reduced by 25 percent. That is equal to 250 million pages saved – a pile that would be three times as high as Mount Everest. In 2011 we had already achieved our goal of a four-fold improvement in energy efficiency at our data centres. They now have four times the computing capacity per kilowatt hour of energy consumption than at the end of 2008. Our Eco Data Center in the greater New York area is a shining example: it uses outside air for cooling, thus eliminating the need for mechanical cooling. We have donated used IT hardware to various charitable organizations including youth centers, kindergardens, schools, as well as senior centers and homes.

Major investments in technology and tripling the use of video conferencing have ensured that meetings of this type have become a sensible alternative to business trips. As a result, the bank’s volume of business flights has remained stable in the last few years despite an increase in international business activities.

We are a member of the Advisory Council of The Green Grid, a leading global authority on resource efficient data centers and business computing ecosystems. Through this membership, we actively support the concept of Green IT. We benefit from this in two ways: On the one hand, we improve our internal operational capabilities; on the other, this active involvement underscores our role as a climate ambassador and contributes towards heightening awareness of resource efficiency and climate change.


GreenIT Best Practice Award 2012 for Deutsche Bank in the category of Visionary Concept


Paperfree office

250 mn

sheets of paper have been saved

Resource efficient

76 %

energy savings per person at locations with DB new workplace

Our 8-point program for a Green IT infrastructure

Commitment Strategy
1. Neutralize the bank’s IT carbon footprint, in line with the Group’s carbon-neutrality commitment
  • Improve eco-efficiency
  • Use more renewable energy
  • Buy and retire emissions reduction certificates (CERs)
2. Create an eco-supplier program to assess the total impact of major IT purchases
  • Work with vendors to assess eco-impacts
  • Include Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in our financial decisions, including environmental impacts
  • Create eco-ratings for each vendor and/or category
  • Advocate supply chain carbon accounting
3. Track the disposal of IT assets and ensure they are recycled responsibly wherever possible
  • Initiate a monitored eco-recycling program to recycle all end-of-life IT assets possible by 2012
  • Develop standard recycling policies
  • Drive suppliers towards responsible ownership of end-of-life disposal
4. Use technology to reduce business and commuter travel
  • Invest in high-quality teleconferencing and collaboration technologies
  • Deploy mobile and remote working technologies
5. Use technology to halve the paper used in offices
  • Eco-printing program
  • Implement a global PRINT LESS campaign
  • Reduce the eco-impact of paper purchases
6. Double the utilization of next-generation hardware
  • Implementation of services based on virtualization technologies
  • Design and deliver new data center services
7. Increase energy efficiency in major corporate data centers by four time
  • Measure and report on our data center energy efficiency
8. Halve individuals’ energy consumption in corporate offices
  • Measure and report on our IT energy usage per headcount

By constantly reviewing and improving our performance, Deutsche Bank is committed to making Green IT even more successful in future.

“Our objective was to achieve a paradigm shift to an environmentally sustainable understanding of our IT infrastructure and lasting change in our designs, deployments and operating practices.”

Marc Banks Lead Eco-Efficient IT Architect in Global Technology

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