Labor rights: Respecting employee rights

Deutsche Bank attaches great importance to protecting labor rights and employee rights. We respect the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, and we cultivate a constructive and trust-based relationship with employee representatives and trade unions at all levels. We are paying greater attention to appropriate behavior by business partners.

Arbeitnehmerrechte wahren

The global principles of the UN Global Compact and the standards of the International Labour Organization (ILO) form the foundation for employee rights at Deutsche Bank.

The majority of our employees in Germany and roughly 50 percent of our workforce worldwide are covered by wage agreements or similar arrangements. More than 400 works council members represent the interests of our employees in Germany; they are partly released from their normal work duties for that purpose.

Arbeitnehmerrechte wahren

Compliance with legal requirements is also mandatory for business partners

In addition to our commitment to our own staff, we actively support the observation of labor rights and employee rights outside our company as well.

Our procurement principles, which apply worldwide, require that suppliers comply with national legislation and offer minimum wages and adequate benefits.

If any of our business partners fundamentally violates any of these principles, we will terminate our business relationship with them.

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