Frankfurt | June 13, 2013

Marketplace for Good Business – “Speeddating” of a special kind

Deutsche Bank takes part in the initiative “Marketplace for Good Business” in Frankfurt’s Gallus city district. The marketplace brings together nonprofit organizations and enterprises for an unusual opportunity to trade services, know-how, resources and creativity.

Verein „Jugend braucht Arbeit

© Mario Andreya

Attracting attention: the Frankfurt association "Youth Needs Work" could negotiate internships for their young members

Schirmherren Eva Triantafillidou, Ortsvorsteherin, und Michael Paris, Stadtrat

© Mario Andreya

City councilman Michael Paris welcomes the participants of the marketplace jointly with Eva Triantafillidou, municipal administrator of the Gallus city district. Lothar Marks later guides through the event.

Lehrerkooperative beim Marktplatz für gute Geschäfte in Frankfurt

© Mario Andreya

Sought and found: the society "Lehrerkooperative" could obtain chairs, electronic devices and even a wood workshop for its kindergartens.

Verhandlungen beim Marktplatz für gute Geschäfte in Frankfurt

© Mario Andreya

Supply and demand regulate the marketplace ...

Makler beim Marktplatz für gute Geschäfte in Frankfurt

© Mario Andreya

... and the intermediaries bring searching and offering participants together.

Schüler der Paul-Hindemith-Schule beim Marktplatz für gute Geschäfte

© Mario Andreya

Homework support for bicycle repair? Students of the school Paul Hindemith in Frankfurt have a lot to offer.

Verhandlungen erfolgreich abgeschlossen

© Mario Andreya

The result of successful negotiations is recorded in partnership agreements.

2. Marktplatz für gute Geschäfte im Gallus

© Mario Andreya

Exhausted but fully content – the second marketplace in Frankfurt Gallus ends with a communal dinner and many new cooperations.

The “Marketplace for Good Business,” held for the second time in Frankfurt’s Gallus city district, is an exchange of a special kind where it is not unusual to find communications consulting expertise being swapped for a cooking course, intercultural training for laptops for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or a webpage for the opportunity to use studio space. People from all walks of life trade their skills and strengths, whether in the form of services, know-how, resources, infrastructure or creativity. The only taboo is money.

Following the success of the first Marketplace for Good Business in Gallus 2012, the initiative continued on June 13, 2013, when 25 nonprofit organizations and 28 enterprises met again to agree to projects that they will jointly implement in the coming months. About 140 agreements were achieved – 20 more than last year.

When an enterprise decides to support a social project, it commits the engagement and know-how of its employees or also materials. In exchange, the enterprise gains insight into worlds outside their operations. This innovative form of collaboration unites citizens and business.

The marketplace project is part of the “Engagement in Gallus” initiative launched at the beginning of 2011 by Deutsche Bank, Linklaters and the Mehrgenerationenhaus Frankfurt.


more than 140 agreements

between nonprofit organizations and enterprises came about in 2013

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