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Noah’s ‘arks’ are vital community networks

Millions of children in Africa share the same fate – the death of their parents and loss of family life. Deutsche Bank supports an innovative program that gives these young people in South Africa a perspective in life.


Nurturing Orphans of AIDS for Humanity (Noah) is a community empowerment initiative that enables orphans and vulnerable children to remain within their own community.

Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation is one of the main sponsors of Noah, a program that trains small groups of community leaders in how to set up and run a Community Based Centre (CBO) to help care for orphans in their own community. The CBOs are more than just a center, they are local networks of community volunteers who organize everyday essentials for these young people, such as food, clothing and personal care items. Equally important, they now offer a variety of programs, such as the Family Preservation Model, which focuses on home-based care of children.
In the last 10 years more than 60,000 children have been given a true perspective in life thanks to Noah.

Apart from HIV/AIDS, poverty is another one of society’s more serious problems. According to the World Bank, around 2.7 billion people survive on less than US$ 2 per day. Insufficient medical care and an inadequate education system further worsen their living conditions.

“We believe it is better for orphaned and vulnerable children to stay in their own familiar communities, rather than institutionalizing them. We provide training and intervention to community leaders, volunteers and staff so that they can implement services. We use our local knowledge and relationships to access children and families to whom we can give support.”

Katy Andrews Noah’s Communications Manager

“Noah has been influential in sensitizing the community on children’s rights and the need to protect them from abuse. Noah has made a tremendous contribution to the lives of the neediest children in our community and I am happy to be part of the change.”

Nomsa Nawa Community-based Organisation Manager

“The community at large appreciates the work that Noah has done for the vulnerable children. Before the Community-based Organisation was established, there have been a lot of social problems that needed to be looked at but no one knew where to go. Noah has brought hope to the community especially for the vulnerable children coming from child headed homes and having limited resources. The staff and volunteers offer support and care to the children; they have become the family that these children lost. Without Noah all this would not have been possible.”

Thabiso Hashtsi Community-based Organisation Manager


If you have any questions about Noah, please contact our colleagues per e-mail at:


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