Fe­male Staff

Based on global corporate titles, in FTE

2016 2015
Female members on Supervisory Board 7 7
Share in % 35.0 35.0
Female members on Management Board 2 1
Female Managing Directors und Directors 1 923 1 921
Share in % 21.3 20.5
Female Officers 16 483 15 916
Share in % 32.8 32.5
Female Non-Officers 17 429 18 247
Share in % 55.6 55.5
Total female staff 33 912 34 162
Share in % 41.5 41.7

DAX 30 self-commitment: status and goal

The five core elements of the declaration of the DAX 30 companies

  • Requirement for definition of differentiated, company-specific target values; regular reporting on goals, measures and results
  • Guarantee of equal opportunity in recruiting and career development to promote women’s careers
  • Measures to heighten awareness and improve qualifications of senior managers; targeted career planning for women
  • Organization of flexible working hours and further improvement of compatibility of work and family life for parents
  • Promotion of the professional interest of both women and men in MINT subjects (mathematics, informatics, natural science, and technology)

Female employees, in %

1 Goal
2 Managing Director, Director, Vice President, Assistant Vice President and Associate


Regional deployment of staff

In k FTE


Age of employees

in %, headcount


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