Facts and Figures

Goals and results

Selected sustainability goals

Goals 2012 - 2015 Progress 2013
ES Risk Management
  • Strengthen management of ESG risks by intensifying engagement on ESG issues with clients
  • Proactive shaping of relationships with critical stakeholders with reference to controversial topics
  • Optimization of ESG-risk coverage in MIS and external reporting
  • A series of meetings with critical stakeholders
  • Numerous interactions with clients involved in sensitive sectors
  • Enhanced collaboration with various infrastructure functions
  • Improvement of established ES risk escalation processes
Private & Business Clients Improving the governance structures within PBC to strengthen our approach to sustainable and responsible banking The Responsible Banking Committee continued to play a crucial role in the defi nition and monitoring of new products
Asset Management Establish ESG steering committee in Europe with working groups to
  • strengthen knowledge of clients on ESG topics;
  • further implement ESG factors into the investment process;
  • establish framework conditions through policies, anticipatory examination, and realization of relevant directives; and
  • communicate ESG activities
  • ESG Steering Committee replaced by ESG Head Office
  • More than 90% of our holdings are covered by ESG ratings and controversy assessments
  • Formation of ESG Head Offi ce for DeAWM, internationalized proxy voting guidelines, and published a white paper on ESG
  • Proxy voting meeting results are now reported one day after the annual general meetings on our website
Wealth Management Extension of assets under management with responsible investments up to €650 million by 2015 (base €400 million as per September 30, 2011) within PWM business Germany
  • Goal reached in June 2013
  • Assets under management with responsible investments have reached a volume of €823 m
Human Resources
  • Increase the commitment towards sustainability; integrate aspects of sustainability into the performance management process
  • Continued commitment for DAX 30 declaration (more women in senior management positions; to be achieved by 2018)
  • We manage the performance of employees in line with our Values and Beliefs, ensuring the future success of our business and the availability of diverse senior leaders to take the bank forward
  • In 2013, the proportion of female senior executives increased to 18.7% from 18% in 2012, and the proportion of women of all officer titles rose to 31.2% from 30.8% in 2012
Sustainable Operations Continuation of low carbon strategy; continue integration of sustainability into standard operating procedures
  • Maintained carbon neutrality
  • 5% reduction in total energy consumption
  • 35% increase in global recycling ratio of total waste
  • 7% reduction in office paper consumption
Corporate Citizenship
  • Strategic review and strengthening of high impact Corporate Citizenship (CC) projects
  • Increase stakeholder involvement in Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Citizenship programs
  • Strategic bundling of youth engagement programs under the Born to Be umbrella
  • Foster social entrepreneurship
  • Enhance visibility of Corporate Volunteers
  • Further extend reach of art programs
  • Monitoring of all centrally and regionally managed CC programs via the Global Impact Tracking
  • Public votings to select champions of the year (e.g. Land of Ideas, Sporthilfe, Volunteer Award)
  • Alignment of Asia Pacifi c’s and South Africa’s portfolio
  • Three new commitments via the Impact Investment Fund, launch of the Investment Readiness Initiative in Germany
  • Global roll-out of Deutsche Bank’s Volunteer Award
  • Opening of Deutsche Bank KunstHalle with a record of 12,000 visitors in the fi rst 48 hours