Talent retention and development

The business environment we currently face is beset with challenges and constant change. In this context, our people are the guarantors of our success. That is why we provide very specific development and training opportunities. We want our staff to better themselves in both their private and professional lives – regardless of their function in the bank and how long they have been with us. This is how we ensure that our clients have long-term access to our experts’ key skills and latest knowledge.

Attracting talent

Whether newcomers to the world of work, experts or university graduates, those on a dual-vocational training course or a dual-study programme – skilled and talented staff contribute to the bank’s stability and positive business performance – thereby reducing the risks involved in succession planning.

Understanding what our people need

How do our people experience the bank and their daily work routine? Where do they recognise progress and where do they see a need for improvement? How strongly do our staff identify with Deutsche Bank?

Did you know - 40% of our university graduates have a STEM background

We receive annual feedback from our people via an annual Group-wide survey. This intensifies the dialogue between staff and managers, promotes open communication and empowers staff to have a say in how the bank develops.

Targeted acceleration programmes, digital learning and cross-divisional internal mobility

We help our staff to develop their careers by offering them acceleration programmes tailored to their responsibilities and knowledge levels. For example, they can obtain insights into strategic topics, attend presentations by professors from the London Business School, develop new management skills and learn to deal with organisational changes.

As part of the bank’s digital transformation, we have also digitalised our training materials. All staff now enjoy a better learning experience and digital access to the entire training catalogue. This offering is open to our staff worldwide – in up to seven different languages.

We build on our people’s knowledge and skills through cross-divisional career mobility, because any change of perspective, no matter how small, enriches an individual’s overall experience and enables them to learn new tasks. At the same time, we are preparing a broader range of candidates to assume key roles and management positions.

Did you know - 10,479 employees changed jobs within the bank in 2017
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