Responsible Advisory

Advising clients responsibly: prime focus on client satisfaction

Advising clients responsibly is the key to a long-lasting partnership with our clients. We want to be measured by the quality of our advisory service.


retail clients in Germany participated in our 2014 client satisfaction survey

What do we want to achieve?

Following the financial crisis, the public has taken a skeptical view of the relationship between banks and their clients and especially client advisory services. Many people criticize business practices that seemingly focus exclusively on sales targets and products that are virtually incomprehensible. We are making every effort to strengthen our clients’ trust and improve their level of satisfaction.

How are we implementing that?

To systematically ensure client satisfaction, it has become an important management parameter for the assessment of the performance of our client advisors. That is underpinned by a code of values and principles, and we expect and verify compliance to that code. In this respect, transparency and a high quality of advisory service for our clients are crucial. Existing regulations relating to consumer protection are self-evident minimum requirements that we even exceed in the interest of our clients. And we are aiming to achieve a better balance between the interests of our clients and the requirements of the Bank’s shareholders.

What have we achieved?

In 2010, we were the first bank in Germany to introduce product information sheets, with a transparent labeling system, for investment products into our client advisory service. They document the yield and risk profile, fees and anticipated change in value of a product. Comparable documents for investment products and closed-end funds have only been stipulated by law since July 2011.

In conjunction with the Responsible Business Initiative of our Private and Business Client division, we introduced a code of values and product principles in 2012. They define requirements and exclusion criteria for developing new products and reviewing our existing product portfolio.

Products and sectors that do not fulfil our standards are excluded from our client advisory service. In 2014, Deutsche Bank’s leadership launched a major initiative to put this client-centric culture into practice.

Satisfaction of our clients

Infographic: Transparent and ethical

We want to be measured by the quality of our advisory service. Our code of values embracing transparency, integrity and credibility applies.

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