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Investing in the future – for equality of opportunity in education

Education is one of the most important resources of our knowledge society. Yet educational opportunities are not equally provided – there is a particularly close relationship between social background and level of education even in industrialised countries. Our programs target, in particular, talented children and young people who have fewer educational opportunities than those from academic environments.

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Born to Be: the Deutsche Bank youth engagement programme

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At a glance

Projects and Initiatives

We aim to inspire talented young people from socially disadvantaged environments to strengthen their self-confidence and accompany them during the transition between school and university studies.

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What do we aim to achieve?

We aim to inspire talented children and young people with immigrant backgrounds and from socially disadvantaged environments to pursue a college degree, strengthen their self-confidence and, in particular, accompany them during the transition between their school and university studies. Equally so, we aim to support educators and schools through special programs.

What is our approach?

Together with well-known educational partners and foundations, we support scholarship programs around the world that target, in particular, children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. Many Deutsche Bank employees volunteer as mentors to personally motivate and support participants.

In programs such as “Partners in Leadership,” we consult school administrators in order to prepare them for the various challenges confronting schools today. In the course of 2013, Deutsche Bank aims to combine its education programs under the motto “Born to be.” The United Kingdom is leading the way with the Game Changers project, among other initiatives: School students who are about to be expelled are taught ambition, discipline and motivation with the help of rugby.

What have we accomplished?

  • The German National Scholarship program: More than 500 scholarship recipients nationwide receive intensive support beginning with elementary school through to their university studies
  • The COMPASS OF STUDIES program (2012): 1,500 school students, 23 locations, 90 percent of the participants enter the university
  • 1,322,026 participants in educational programs supported by Deutsche Bank
  • IntoUniversity program: support for socially disadvantaged young people in the UK pursuing a university degree – 87 percent of the participants applied for university admission in 2012

Our specific measures

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